We Played Pokémon Legends Arceus and Here’s What We Think

Like many Nintendo Switch owners, this weekend is Pokémon! In writing, many of us are currently playing Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It must be said that if, generally we receive the games in advance to be able to test them before their release, this time, it was not possible. And so we find ourselves discovering the game like ordinary mortals. It’s good sometimes to come down a little from your cloud. So as not to leave you in doubt and questions, caught between enthusiastic fans and grumpy trolls, we have already published a Press review compiling the tests and the first notes received by the game; first reviews that are quite good overall, able to reassure the most skeptical among us. However, at the same time, it wouldn’t be the first time the press has overdone it one way or another. Especially since, as we often say, with this kind of title, only time is able to place the game in the firmament or in the oblivion of the history of video games. Obviously, we suspect that you are still impatient to find the test of your dear Nintendo-master. However, as we always do things well, we will have to wait a little longer. Know all the same that it is our pokemon doctor, ggvanrom who sticks to it and that since he received the game, the poor man does not spare his efforts to concoct a hyper complete test for you. who will be an authority on the subject – we do not doubt it for a single second (at the same time, we are not going to throw stones at each other!) While waiting for this monument which will surely apply for the Pulitzer Prize, we have decided to give you a little preview by giving you our feelings after a few hours of play. So should you break the bank, heat up your credit card or play the big scene of the two to your parents so that they cough up a few euros? Or is it better to wait for the title to end up in the sales bins? See turning to other games, such as the Rock team leaving for other skies?

PREVIEW FROM Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus is the first Pokémon game I’ve bought since Sun/Moon. 5 years ! Because despite the bad buzz around the game before its release, its new proposal made me want to. Pokémon in the open world is still an old fantasy. So of course, it’s not a completely open world but rather structured by zones, à la Monster Hunter, with Rusti-cité as the central hub. But the pleasure of tracking Pokémon in the tall grass in a realistic way is there, even if I have some concerns about the repetitiveness of the mechanics in the long term.

Obviously, the first impression of the game goes through the graphics. And indeed, it does not break the house technically. Clipping and aliasing are there, not to mention the logos on the clothes of the horribly pixelated characters. The environments aren’t jaw-dropping like in a Xenoblade, or even a Zelda BotW, but the DA cel-shading goes very well.

Just like the universe inspired by 19th century Hokkaido and Ainu culture, which contrasts with what Pokémon usually offers us! A time when Pokémon scare people, which offers another look at the series that is reminiscent of me Pokemon Ranger. Would LPA be the spiritual sequel? In any case, the progression by mission and by rank makes you think about it. One thing is certain: I can’t wait to see what this scenario around Arceus has in store for me!

1643488016 134 We Played Pokemon Legends Arceus and Heres What We Think

I am one of those players who discovered the Pokémon series on Game Boy with the very first opus. I remember spending whole days and evenings walking through tall grass and exploring every cave to collect all the Pokémon. At the time there were “only” 151, which seemed “huge” even if we ended up knowing them all. Moreover, I take this opportunity to say that the localization of the game was particularly well done with French names that were really well found (which contributed to the success of the game) even if I always made it a point of honor to rename each captured Pokémon myself. The construction of the game was simple but very effective with a logical progression, still leaving a lot of room for maneuver. Ditto for the combat mechanics inspired by turn-based RPGs. The story, the music, the pixel art of the game… Everything for me is cult and cute and is one of my great video game moments, especially since the game was perfectly in tune with its platform, the Game Boy. … Obviously, from then on, I was an insider and I waited impatiently for each new opus, each time hoping to find the same frenzy, the same thrill… However, over the iterations, even if some episodes turned out to be very successful, the passion was dulled and from Sun and Moon, I can even say that I dropped the case.

However, I still want to believe in it even if as I get older, my tastes have evolved and I have less time to devote to games… Well, so to speak because I still play a lot but given the offer, I am forced to make choices. Often I start a game and if it’s not addictive enough, I don’t finish it… So Pokemon Legends: Arceus will rekindle this flame? For me, it’s still too early to tell but here are my first thoughts after a few hours of play… If we often compare the game to Zelda: Breath of the Wild despite the fact that it is not really an open world game but rather a game in open areas, it is clear that Nintendo’s title served as a model. It starts a bit the same way with a light and a voice that tells the hero/player not to open their eyes, but to wake up! Finally “voice” is not the right word because unfortunately, at this level, the developers did not see fit to add voices. an unfortunate choice since inevitably, it does not go in the direction of a revival and even immediately gives a dated side to the game, which is not contradicted by the realization which remains very classic nor even by the graphics… The beginning of the game is also quite winded because the developers have chosen to put almost all the information to know, the commands (etc) at the beginning of the game. This is again a difference with Nintendo’s masterpiece which makes of the tutorial a real master class (especially since we don’t realize it…)

However, once you’ve learned the controls and discovered the universe, the game finally opens its arms to us and I must admit that I got caught up in it… It’s been a long time since I had had so much fun capturing Pokémon, especially since the level design seems to have been well thought out. There are also lots of fun little details, animations or surprising interactions. It’s still too early to know if I’ll finish the game but I’m already having trouble letting go of the controller.


After the semi-disappointment of Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl concerning the lack of finish provided by ILCA to this port, I admit to having waited not without concern for this Pokémon Legends: Arceus. After the first hour of play and its prologue which seems to last an eternity, we realize with relief that it is more than just Wild Lands borrowed from Sword and Shield and that Game Freak has really done a thorough job on its game. Playing the spatio-temporal rift, we find ourselves teleported to Hisui, at a time when cohabitation with Pokémon and the creation of Poké Balls were still in their infancy.

Our mission, to travel the region to meet the requirements of Arceus, and incidentally fulfill our role within the Galaxie group as a researcher, and complete the very first Pokédex of the region Once sent to one of the large areas of the game, we find ourselves immersed in the local fauna, and what can I say except “but that’s how Pokémon should be in fact!” “. While fights between trainers are still only a vague concept, the main interest of the game here is to flush out Pokémon in their natural habitat in order to catch them, fight the most recalcitrant, and thus complete the tasks allowing to create the first Pokédex pages dedicated to them.

Everything is done with super intuitive controls, we aim and launch our empty Poké Balls to catch the docile creatures, and we switch to launch our Pokémon into battle against the more violent creatures, or on elements such as trees or stones to collect materials, essential to create Poké Ball, and healing items by following specific recipes. With the weather and a dynamic day/night cycle, the local wildlife changes and moves, reinforcing this adventure/exploration side, and this feeling of diving into the unknown, at a time when people view Pokémon with a dim view. . Don’t lie to us though, graphically and technically Pokémon Legends Arceus sometimes struggles with graphics from another era, unflattering textures, and Pokémon seeming to be animated at 5 FPS as soon as they’re a bit far away, but once immersed in the action, and taking into account the new gameplay mechanics, side quests, crafting and so many other elements that we will talk about in the full test, the graphic aspect clearly passes to the second -plan once you are aware of the evolution brought by Game Freak to its license.

After 12 hours of play, I didn’t see time flowing in the Obsidian Plains (the first region of the game), and I had to force myself several times to let go of the game and go enjoy a few well-deserved hours of sleep. . To see if this feeling will last throughout the adventure

As a reminder, Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be available from January 28, 2021 exclusively on nintendo-switch. More info with our previous news and The game press review compiling of many tests.



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We Played Pokémon Legends Arceus and Here’s What We Think