What are the best miniseries on Netflix?

The wait between one season and the next, the lengthy and sometimes useless plots, a lack of inspiration after several seasons, no renewal… The series, if we love them, sometimes show some signs of weakness. And that’s why we’re a fan of mini-series! The very principle is to have only one season. With a beginning, but above all an end. We’re doing a recap of the mini-series to watch urgently on Netflix!

Here are the must-see miniseries on Netflix

What is good with mini-series is the certainty of having an end. A real conclusion. Without cliffhanger unbearable and more than a year of waiting for answers. Another advantage of this format? It is that there is something for everyone. Thriller, horror, western, anime, documentary, inspired by real events or pure fiction… In short, everyone will inevitably find the mini-series made for them.

The Queen’s Game

Released in fall 2020, The Queen’s Game was a huge success and brought chess back to the fore. In the America of the 50s/60s, Beth Harmon is a chess genius and does everything to become the best player in the world. But she is mostly plagued by her demons, and her addiction to alcohol and drugs. Composed of only 7 episodes of about an hour each, The Queen’s Game wowed viewers around the world with 62 million views in its first month of broadcast. And rightly so! Anya-Taylor Joy is impeccable in her role, the atmosphere is captivating and we, too, want to play chess.


Few months ago, maid shook the platform. Released discreetly on October 1, 2021, the mini-series has however broken all records with more than 67 million spectators in one month. Many have been touched and moved by the story of Alex, a young mother who flees an abusive relationship and becomes a housekeeper to provide for her daughter Maddy.

The snake

Direction the 70s and Bangkok where Charles Sobrhaj steals, then kills, young tourists with his partner Marie-Andrée. But when two Dutch backpackers disappear, an intrigued diplomat leads the investigation… Inspired by real events, this mini-series grips us and during the 8 episodes of one hour each, we hold our breath.

In Their Eyes

This mini-series, inspired by a true story, immerses us in the nightmare of five Harlem teenagers, wrongly accused of rape, victims of systemic racism. For twenty-five years, they will fight to bring out the truth. poignant and heartbreaking, In Their Eyes is made up of four parts of just over an hour.

The Haunting of Bly Manor

If you’re more into horror and horror, then The Haunting of Bly Manor should please you. A new housekeeper at Bly Manor will uncover terrifying secrets about the mansion and those who live there… There are only 9 episodes so get started! In the same genre, the creators have also released The Haunting of Hill House.

Don’t walk away

Available since December 31, Don’t walk away is the novelty of Harlan Coben after the other mini-series Gone forever, Innocent, Intimidation, Safe or In the woods. A strange disappearance, 17 years exactly after that of Stewart Green, stirs up the past of several people… 8 episodes to devour in one go (or almost).

My friend Adele

It all starts when Louise meets David by chance. The current passes between the two but David leaves precipitously. The next day, Louise meets her new boss: David. The problem is that he is married. As the two begin an affair, Louise befriends Adèle, David’s strange wife. Something is wrong… In six episodes, My friend Adele turns our brains around completely, with a climax ending. To have !


In post-WWII Hollywood, up-and-coming actors and filmmakers do their best to “break through”. Discover behind the scenes of a golden world through seven episodes of about 50 minutes each… Come on, in one weekend, it’s over.

Devilman Crybaby

In 2018, Netflix brings up to date Devilman by Gō Nagai with its anime adaptation. Exit the hundreds of episodes of naruto Where One Piece, Devilman Crybaby is an anime of 10 episodes to watch in one go. Upsetting and disturbing. To fight the demons that are about to return to Earth, Akira will have to merge with the most powerful of demons. Monster body, human heart, he’s a “Devilman”. The fight has only just begun…


Based on a Pulitzer Prize winning paper, unbelievable immerses us in the story of a teenager accused of having lied about a rape. Two cops, specializing in serial rape cases, are leading the investigation… Eight gripping episodes to watch now!

But also…

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  • The English Game
  • Alrawabi School for Girls
  • Clickbait
  • Self made
  • After you, chaos
  • maniac
  • midnight sermons
  • Godless
  • captive

Other mini-series to discover

It’s not just Netflix in life. Here are other mini-series to discover on other SVODs…


Immerse yourself in the worst man-made disaster. On April 26, 1986, a reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine exploded and the consequences were terrible. It is one of the best mini-series, consisting of only five episodes. Chernobyl is to be discovered on OCS.

Mare of Easttown

Available on OCS and Canal+, Mare of Easttown immerses us for seven episodes in a small town in Pennsylvania as a detective, played by Kate Winslet, investigates a murder while preventing her life from collapsing.

The Night Of

After a drunken evening, a young man of Pakistani origin wakes up next to a young woman… Dead, bathed in her blood. In possession of a knife, unable to remember the events of the previous day, everything points to Naz as the culprit, who is then charged with murder. But a lawyer will do everything to help him. To watch on OCS.


A young English teacher goes back in time and has three years to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas. And change the course of history. Inspired by the eponymous novel by Stephen King, 22.11.63 is an excellent series of 8 episodes to see urgently.

watch men

Inspired by the graphic novel of the same name created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, watch men takes us to Tulsa, Oklahoma as a group of white supremacists claim descent from Rorschach and attack police officers and their families. Angela Abar, nicknamed Sister Night, and Tulsa Police Chief Judd Crawford are investigating this group… The series only has 9 episodes and can be found on OCS.

With this selection, you can no longer say that you don’t know what to watch! What mini-series have you already seen and which ones do you want to discover?

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What are the best miniseries on Netflix?