Cinema: Les Bonnes Étoiles, adoption rather than abortion

Cinema Les Bonnes Etoiles adoption rather than abortion

While in France, the right to abortion is on the way to entering the Constitution and that the cinema, more militant than ever, makes us in turn praise Simone Veil (Simone, the trip of the century) and MLAC (Movement for Abortion and Contraception Freedom) (Annie Anger), the famous Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda sounds a different … Read more

“Annie Colère”: finally a film that shows abortion as an act that relieves

Reading time: 6 mins “It’s political, tenderness”asserts the character of Laura Calamy in one of the final scenes ofAnnie Anger. We could not have better summed up the thesis of this deeply tender film, devoted to the practice of illegal abortions in France in the 1970s. In theaters since Wednesday, November 30, Annie Anger recounts … Read more

Videos. Abortion, Inflation, and Assault Rifles: America’s Campaign Spotlight War

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

A woman arrested during a family dinner after an illegal abortion, a hunting trip, a peanut rain… In the United States, the candidates for the mid-term elections, which will take place on November 8, are not lacking no imagination to hold the attention of voters. Between granny rapper and assault rifles, the candidates for the … Read more

The right to abortion in the cinema: 5 films to (re)discover

The right to abortion in the cinema 5 films to

The events that have taken place in the United States in recent days are an opportunity to remember that in the cinema, too, screenwriters and filmmakers campaign and testify, today as yesterday, by depicting stories of women sacrificed on the altar of respect for life as some call it. Instrumentalized since the dawn of time, … Read more

Films about abortion and the right to choose | Pretty Reel

Films about abortion and the right to choose Pretty

“Today, the Supreme Court of the United States expressly took away from the American people a constitutional right that it had already recognized,” US President Joe Biden said in a statement after a June 24, 2022 court ruling, which will remain infamous. “It is a sad day for the court and for the country. He … Read more

“L’Événement”: a great film about clandestine abortion in the 1960s

LEvenement a great film about clandestine abortion in the 1960s

It’s a film about violence against women. Legal violence. At the end of 1963, Annie Ernaux, future great writer, was 23 years old and continued her studies in literature in Rouen, when she fell pregnant with a young man who lived in Bordeaux. Pregnant ? He doesn’t care, as long as she can get rid … Read more

[Vidéo] Golden Globes: Michelle Williams’ powerful speech for the right to abortion – Les Inrocks

Video Golden Globes Michelle Williams powerful speech for the right scaled

At the 77th Golden Globes, this January 5, the actress honored for her role in the series Fosse / Verdon delivered a very strong speech on the right to abortion. “I am so grateful to live in a society where there is choice, because as a woman or a girl things can happen to our … Read more

“The event”: Audrey Diwan tells us about her visceral and political film on abortion

The event Audrey Diwan tells us about her visceral and

The event does not hide anything. Annie Ernaux has also underlined the accuracy of the film, even speaking of the “disturbance” caused by the images. Was it essential for you to face this reality? Audrey Diwan: Annie Ernaux never looks away and it was therefore important for me to be in tune with that. I … Read more

“The right to abortion remains fragile” warns Audrey Diwan

The right to abortion remains fragile warns Audrey Diwan

On the list of major international festivals, 2021 will remain the year of French cinema. Barely a few weeks after the Palme d’Or won in Cannes by Julia Ducournau for Titanium, another French director, Audrey Diwan, won the Golden Lion in Venice for The event. Two films directed by two women who signed their second … Read more

JCC 2021: “The event”, a moving story on the right to abortion – Kapitalis

1636123735 JCC 2021 The event a moving story on the right

05 Nov 2021 | 14:49 MAIN FOCUS, CULTURE, Tunisia Presented in the parallel section “Cinéma du Monde” of Carthage Cinematographic Days (JCC 2021), “The Event” by Audrey Diwan, adapted from the eponymous autobiographical novel by Annie Ernaux, takes us back to the early 1960s in France, when abortion was still illegal. A story that is … Read more