Sergio Fajardo, the eternal anti-political adolescent | Opinion

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Pedro Luis Barco DíazPedro Luis Barco Díaz “Sergio Fajardo does not shine for his knowledge in economic matters. It seems that he did not like macroeconomic issues, which are essential for a national ruler. For this reason, Fajardo is not seen as a statesman “. In 1972, the famous journalist Italian Oriana Fallaci he interviewed … Read more

Billie Eilish: on the threshold of 20 years as a true representative of adolescent anxiety in the 21st century

Billie Eilish on the threshold of 20 years as a

The singer Billie Eilish is on the verge of 20 years, which will turn 18 this Saturday, an age that finds her at a solid moment in her musical career and seen as a genuine representative of the anxiety of adolescents in the 21st century. She is one of the most prominent youth singers of … Read more