Adult Animated Films Generating Oscars Buzz E! News UK

Adult Animated Films Generating Oscars Buzz E News UK

Since the inception of the Best Animated Feature Oscar category in 2001, the Academy has sporadically celebrated mature thematic works alongside box office powerhouses aimed at audiences of all ages. These more adult-oriented titles are often hand-drawn productions designed overseas in languages ​​other than English and without the involvement of major corporations. Some of those … Read more

“Curiosity is something we all have as children, a researcher is someone who manages to preserve it as an adult”: Erwin Neher, Nobel Prize in Medicine – BBC News World

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Carlos Serrano (@carliserrano) BBC News World September 7, 2021 Image source, Courtesy of the Puerto de Ideas Festival Caption, Erwin Neher is a researcher at the Max Planck Institute in Germany. Since he was in high school, Erwin Neher, out of curiosity, took apart radios and clocks to see how their electrical mechanisms worked. Then … Read more