Nadine Labaki: “In the cinema, I am more sensitive to the human adventure”

Lebanese director and actress Nadine Labaki, member of the FIFM 2022 Jury. The director of “Caramel” also talks about her role in the controversial film “We know each other… or not” released last January on Netflix, while evoking her meeting with French actress Fany Ardant in the Swiss-Egyptian film “Return to Alexandria” by Tamer Ruggli. … Read more

Test South of the Circle – A short narrative adventure with remarkable staging

Test South of the Circle A short narrative adventure scaled

Games released on mobile platforms and then benefiting from a larger porting on PC or consoles are not legion, but South of the Circle is one of them. Originally released in October 2020 on iOS (via Apple Arcade), the game is set to be released on PC via Steam and GOG, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, … Read more

Meeting with Evan Williams (Versailles) at Neverland Adventure

Meeting with Evan Williams Versailles at Neverland Adventure

It was last April that Evan Williams traveled to Paris to meet his fans. For the third consecutive year, Neverland Adventure allowed fans and actors of the series Versailles to meet for a weekend. Just About TV The actor who plays the Chevalier de Lorraine in Versailles came to meet her fans. For the occasion, … Read more

When Mercedes, all in gilding, tried the adventure of the Cannes festival

When Mercedes all in gilding tried the adventure of the

The Cannes Film Festival is a three-in-one event. On the one hand, the Croisette hosts each year during the fortnight of May the most important professional cinema trade fair in the world, where dealent number of films, from their production to their distribution. On the other hand, the festival is the world championship of auteur … Read more

The Lakers are going on an adventure: a short road trip of 6 games to the East, how do you say “misstep forbidden” in California?

The Lakers are going on an adventure a short road

The Lakers must be reassuring, the Lakers must win at all costs, the Lakers must imperatively go up in the Western Conference standings. Okay, but the Lakers will mostly stuff themselves with a six-game road trip to the East, among which big customers are knocking on the door. Debrief. The Angelinos made a good operation … Read more

Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Maurice Herzog and Paul-Émile Victor, the three visionaries of the adventure

1636545957 Jacques Yves Cousteau Maurice Herzog and Paul Emile Victor the three visionaries

Between them reigned the brotherhood of the great explorers. They did not have the same favorite terrain but had given themselves a common mission: to discover the most extreme environments on the planet. In 1956, Match met Paul-Émile Victor, hero of the poles, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the guardian of the seabed, and the champion of the … Read more

Netflix US adds Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Anime in November – News

1635163054 Netflix US adds Kurokos Basketball Last Game Jojos Bizarre Adventure

Netflix announced on Wednesday that it will be broadcast Kuroko’s basketball: Last match (Geki jōban Kuroko no Basuke Last match), the film adaptation of Tadatoshi Fujimaki‘s Extra game Kuroko no Basuke manga sequel, released in the US on November 15. The company also announced on Wednesday that it will air the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The … Read more

Science as adventure, a key in the work of Milstein, the last Argentine to win a Nobel Prize

1634667204 Science as adventure a key in the work of Milstein

The idea came from his mother, a teacher, who watched with some concern as the second of her three sons revealed a concern that sometimes turned him into a troublesome rebel: at age 13, César Milstein came across a scientific book for the first time, although posed as adventurous. The story of “The Microbe Hunters” … Read more

Daniel Gafford continues the adventure with the Wizards: 40 million over 3 years, the price to pay for his beautiful eyes and his big counters

Daniel Gafford continues the adventure with the Wizards 40 million

Ding ding ding! At the buzzer the Wizards therefore appeared, and at the buzzer the Wizards therefore offered their pivot Daniel Gafford a small extension of families of 40 million over three years. To some it may seem like a lot, but if you’ve been following the Wizards a bit last season, you already know … Read more