An exponent of the urban genre: Know the age, how tall and how were the beginnings of Karol G

1641870596 An exponent of the urban genre Know the age how

Carolina Giraldo Navarro, artistically known as Karol G, from 30 years, is a consolidated Colombian artist of the feminine urban genre who has surprised as a soloist and in collaborations with great singers. Currently, he is triumphing among his followers with his album KG0516. With a musician father, Karol was born in Medellín on February … Read more

Desmond Tutu, the South African Archbishop and Nobel Peace Prize winner who fought against apartheid, has died at the age of 90

Desmond Tutu the South African Archbishop and Nobel Peace Prize

The Archbishop Emeritus of South Africa, Desmond Tutu. South African Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, 1984 Nobel Peace Prize for his activism against the racist segregation regime of “apartheid”, died this Sunday at age 90 in Cape Town (southwest), reported official sources. In a statement issued by the South African government, the country’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, … Read more

Goodbye to Antonio Escohotado, the one who had tired of being “the one with drugs” | The philosopher died in Ibiza at the age of 80

Goodbye to Antonio Escohotado the one who had tired of

Freethinker and talkative, communist as a young man and critic of the left in recent years, he recognized that I was a bit sick of being “the one with the drugs”. This is how he was known for his most famous book, in which he made explicit his position against drug prohibition, written in a … Read more

“The Olympics”: where are love, romanticism and sexuality in the age of the Internet and dating applications?

The Olympics where are love romanticism and sexuality in the

Six years after winning the Palme d’Or for Dheepan , Jacques Audiard returned to the Cannes Competition last July with The Olympics, a film totally forgotten by the jury of Spike Lee. Co-written with Céline Sciamma and Léa Mysius, the filmmaker’s 9th feature film may seem light, describing with elegance and subtlety the love life … Read more

Disappearance. With Marcel Bluwal ends the golden age of French television

Disappearance With Marcel Bluwal ends the golden age of French

He was “An essential man”. A tribute from a great actress, Ariane Ascaride, to a great director, Marcel Bluwal, who was her professor at the conservatory of dramatic art (and that of Jean-Pierre Darroussin, or even of Catherine Frot). A man of theater, cinema and especially television, he left his mark on the latter, by … Read more