Nasir Ahmed; el genio indio que hizo posible la videollamada, retratan en ‘This is us’, y vive con su mujer tucumana en Yerba Buena

1642067857 Nasir Ahmed el genio indio que hizo posible la videollamada

En el octavo capítulo de la quinta temporada de This Is Us, serie de Amazon, se incluye la historia real del indio Nasir Ahmed, ingeniero electrónico, y su mujer, la tucumana Esther Pariente, profesora de inglés y doctora en Letras. En una escena, en la piel de la actriz Katie Sarife, Esther le reclama a … Read more

Abiy Ahmed, a Nobel Peace Prize winner on the battlefield

Putin says Russian Nobel laureate wont be declared foreign agent

This content was published on 24 November 2021 – 15:11 24 November 2021 – 15:11 (Corrects the eighth paragraph because it was talking about “nations” and when it should say “ethnic groups”) Pablo Moraga Nairobi, Nov 24 (EFE) .- Ethiopia today provided an unlikely image two years ago: the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize and Prime … Read more

Ethiopia bleeds to death amid accusations of President Abiy Ahmed Ali: from Nobel Peace Prize to civil war

1636249415 Ethiopia bleeds to death amid accusations of President Abiy Ahmed

Related news On December 10, 2019, the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali received in Oslo the Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to the end of the territorial conflict between his country and the neighboring state of Eritrea, still burning embers of the war that faced both countries between 1998 and 2000. The skirmishes … Read more

Abdelouahab Aïssaoui and Ahmed Taïbaoui honored: All the news on

Abdelouahab Aissaoui and Ahmed Taibaoui honored All the news on

Recently restored, the large reading room of the Maison de la culture Hassan-El-Hassani de Médéa sparkled with a thousand lights Thursday evening during a ceremony in honor of two figures of Algerian Arabic-speaking literature, Abdelouahab Aïssaoui and Ahmed Taïbaoui . Invited as part of the celebration of Knowledge Day, organized by the Culture Department of … Read more