Rent your property with the Airbnb Concierge

If you’re a regular user of vacation accommodations, you’ll have come across all sorts of things, from wonderful surprises that improve on what was advertised, to unpleasant places that fell far short of what they promised. Avoid the disappointment of your hosts The vacation rental market is very large and the listings do not clearly … Read more

GreenGo and Flockeo, alternatives to Airbnb for sustainable tourism are growing

Today marks the 28th anniversary of the attack on the

Fair and committed, responsible alternatives to Airbnb are multiplying. Environmental assessment of accommodation, measurement of the carbon footprint, support in the transition to a sustainable model… GreenGo and Flockeo, two French platforms, are building the future of the sector. Throughout the week, Novethic explores the paths towards more sustainable tourism. They are rooted in the … Read more

Voyager plus responsable avec GreenGo, le Airbnb du tourisme durable

Voyager plus responsable avec GreenGo le Airbnb du tourisme durable

Par Agence de presse APEI Publié le 23 Juil 22 à 15:37  Actu Voir mon actu Suivre ce média GreenGo sélectionne en France des hébergements éco-responsables. (©pikselstock / Adobe Stock) L’idée est partie d’un simple constat : « Face à l’enjeu climatique, nous voulions amorcer la transition de près ou de loin et nous nous sommes rendu … Read more

Vacation Rental Market Sees Sustained Growth Due to Rising Demand: Pte.Ltd., Airbnb Inc., Booking Holdings Inc.

Vacation Rental Market Sees Sustained Growth Due to Rising Demand

The latest competent intelligence report published by WMR under the title “Increasing Demand and Opportunities for the Global Vacation Rental Market 2022” provides a sorted picture of Vacation Rental industry by analyzing research and information gathered from various sources that has the ability to help the decision makers in the global market to play a … Read more

GreenGo, « le Airbnb écoresponsable » lève 1,2 million d’euros

GreenGo le Airbnb ecoresponsable leve 12 million deuros

Partir en vacances tout en réduisant son empreinte carbone. C’est le deal que propose GreenGo, une alternative se présentant comme « plus écologique et locale » que les traditionnels sites de réservation comme Airbnb ou Booking. Après le rachat au début du mois de juin 2022 du site concurrent Vaovert , place à la levée de fonds millionnaire. … Read more

Israel offers to control Airbnb rentals to counter soaring prices

1654882877 Israel offers to control Airbnb rentals to counter soaring prices

An empty property is a lost opportunity to find accommodation, even if only for a day. Or at least that’s how the Israeli government sees it. In November 2021, when the government unveiled its plan for housing, one of the key elements was a proposal to crack down on short-term rentals – accommodation offered by … Read more

Straslodge: the concierge at the service of the small world of AirBnB rentals

Straslodge the concierge at the service of the small world

In 2018, Strasbourg had 4,700 accommodations rented in AirBnB, according to the AirBnB Observatory – an independent body collecting data to “understand the AirBnBsation of French cities”. That is 12 dwellings per thousand inhabitants on average. While more and more individuals are putting apartments on short-term rental platforms, they are also often faced with logistics … Read more

5 alternatives to Airbnb to find your vacation rental easily

In just a few years, Airbnb has become the preferred way to find an attractive person-to-person vacation rental. The rates are often reasonable and the welcome is friendly. However, there is no shortage of bad experiences with Airbnb either, so many tourists are looking for alternatives to book their next vacation online. If you are … Read more

Airbnb: Results and forecasts impress, but risks persist |

Airbnb Results and forecasts impress but risks persist Investingcom

Airbnb gave a robust sales forecast for the current quarter. The booking app predicts “substantial demand” as the busy summer season approaches. Despite the rebound in travel, macroeconomic headwinds limited the stock’s gains. If you want to improve your search for new investment ideas, check out InvestingPro+. Airbnb’s (NASDAQ:) latest quarterly report gave its investors … Read more