The 2021 Albert London Prize selection

The 2021 Albert London Prize selection

The Albert Londres association announced, on Wednesday, September 29, the preselection of the Albert Londres 2021 prizes. As every year, the best works by journalists are divided into three categories: book prize, written press prize and audiovisual prize. Out of 19 applications received for the book prize, four books were selected. The 2021 winners will … Read more

It is 116 years since the birth of Albert Hofmann, the discoverer of LSD

It is 116 years since the birth of Albert Hofmann

The January 11 in 1906 the renowned scientist was born Albert hofmann in Baden, Switzerland, noted for his original and unprecedented work with chitin, the synthesis of which led him to discover lysergic acid and to experiment with its effects. Hofmann completed his studies and doctorate in Zurich, where he began working with the chitin … Read more

Albert of Monaco gives (semi) reassuring news of Charlene; Angie Jolie takes a French lover, Emmanuel Macron a surprise cold shower; Orelsan plays her Willy Wonka, Paris Hilton plays her pussy; Madonna fights for the rights of her ass

Albert of Monaco gives semi reassuring news of Charlene Angie

Charlène wins the majority of People covers, again this week. This week, our weeklies tell us some pretty stories. A bit like Christmas tales in advance: the strings are a little thick, the feelings, syrupy, but you want to believe it. Charlene of Monaco never stops making the front page of People magazines. This time, … Read more

What happened to Albert Camus when he stopped being a communist

1637657826 What happened to Albert Camus when he stopped being a

In the early fifties, Albert camus he was at the height of his fame. During the Nazi invasion of France he had been an active member of the resistance and had written articles under a pseudonym in the newspaper ‘Combat’, banned by the German authorities. He was also its director, which made him the greatest … Read more

Albert Camus, the rebel who “from the heart” dedicated the Nobel to his school teacher

1636286182 Albert Camus the rebel who from the heart dedicated the

Long ago, 108 years ago, the writer was born Albert camus, on Algeria. It was when that African country was french colony. However, his photos are disorienting… Albert Camus will continue to be a kind of Rebel James Dean, stainless. Albert camus, son of an Alsatian fighter -Luden- who had fled the war toward Algeria, … Read more

Albert Londres at the BNF: 140 years later, what have we done with freedom of the press?

Albert Londres at the BNF 140 years later what have

This fall, the BnF is hosting the 83rd edition of the Albert-Londres Prize, the prestigious French journalism award, each year distinguishing three young reporters in the written press, audiovisual and publishing categories. Long live freedom of expression Taymaz Valley Flickr The BnF and the Albert Londres association wish to celebrate this fundamental moment in the … Read more