Alberto Hurtado: The Peruvian doctor who won the most prestigious science award in America, in 1972

Alberto Hurtado The Peruvian doctor who won the most prestigious

“Hurtado, 72 years old, was awarded for his biomedical research in the Andean areas of Peru, as well as for the merit of his findings in respiratory diseases in these same areas,” reported Trade. The Peruvian scientist, who was also awarded $30,000, had served as Minister of Public Health and Social Assistance between 1946 and … Read more

Cómo ser progresista según Joseph Stiglitz, el Nobel de Economía que cenó con Alberto Fernández en Olivos

1666673203 Como ser progresista segun Joseph Stiglitz el Nobel de Economia

Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel de Economía 2001. Foto: Icrict Joseph Stiglitz es un peso pesado de la economía. En más de un sentido. Se trata de una figura prominente de la teoría económica, de un divulgador mayúsculo de la disciplina en el mundo, y de un impulsor incansable de nuevas ideas y de jóvenes talentos. Su … Read more

Opinion | The impact of inflation on the household economy. By Luis Alberto Iglesias of @Value_school

Opinion The impact of inflation on the household economy

MADRID. Nobel laureate in economics Milton Friedman already memorably explained it: “Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon insofar as it only occurs because the quantity of money increases faster than production.” The measures imposed by governments to combat the coronavirus epidemic interrupted productive activity in the world for months. During that time reserves … Read more

Luis Alberto de Cuenca: «Roald Dahl shows that what is childish can be terrible»

Luis Alberto de Cuenca Roald Dahl shows that what is

Roald Dahl ABC 250 million copies of the author’s books have been sold worldwide ‘Matilda‘, What ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘ and other stories like ‘James and the Giant Peach‘ either ‘The great good-natured giant‘, bear the signature of Roald Dahla writer born in Cardiff (Wales) in 1916 and died in Oxford in 1990. His … Read more

Alberto Fernández takes the attack against Cristina to the UN Assembly

Todays ephemeris August 12 2022 What happened on August 12

Following his meeting with IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva, Alberto Fernandez He will speak this Tuesday for the first time in person before the General Assembly of Nations. The pandemic, in 2020, and the political crisis unleashed in the Frente de Todos after the defeat in the elections, in 2021, forced him to participate then … Read more

Attack against Cristina Kirchner: the chronology from the assassination attempt to Alberto Fernández’s speech | Minute by minute

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

The attack on the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner moved the entire Argentine society. It happened this Thursday when the head of the Senate was about to enter her home in Recoleta and greeted the sympathizers who were waiting for her on her return, as it has been for 11 days since she was … Read more

How Alberto Roemmers achieved his fortune and who are his heirs

Los otros escritores amenazados por el fundamentalismo

Alberto Roemmer took control of his father’s company -a successful drug laboratory- after his death in the 1960s. From then on, he knew how to carry and lead that company beyond the borders and its growth positioned him as one of the richest Argentines. The Argentine pharmaceutical businessman died at the age of 95 and … Read more

Alberto Roemmers died, the successful businessman who knew how to lead one of the most important pharmaceutical companies in the country

Alberto Roemmers died the successful businessman who knew how to

His company created renowned drugs such as Lotrial, Optamox, Amoxidal, Sertal Compuesto and Losacor After years of leading one of the most important and prestigious pharmaceutical companies in Argentina, Businessman Alberto Roemmers passed away at the age of 95. Thanks to his work at the head of Laboratorios Roemmers, the firm managed to expand internationally … Read more

Alberto Fernández: “Some continue to speculate on a devaluation to sell what they have to sell”

Presentan la septima edicion del Hay Festival.octet stream

Evita’s gold pin on her lapel, a red ribbon on her wrist and a confrontational spirit, because although she came to these beaches to reopen a beach hotel that opened 70 years ago and closed the last 15, President Alberto Fernández once again aimed at the field pointing out “some continue to speculate on a … Read more

Carlos Alberto Montaner: Why Petro’s experiment in Colombia will go wrong – El Líbero

Petro’s experiment in Colombia will go horribly wrong. Mario Vargas Llosa has said it with all his letters. Colombians voted wrong. Also the Peruvians, and the Argentines and the Mexicans. Voting for the worst option is within everyone’s reach. Mario is an excellent writer, Nobel Prize winner in 2010, but he is not the Oracle … Read more