Iceta’s mistake about Aleixandre: “That one of the four Nobel Prize winners in literature be recognized…”

ABC Madrid Updated:06/22/2022 18:37h Save RELATED NEWS Spanish literature has received five Nobel Prizes for Literature (six, if one includes Mario Vargas Llosawho shares Peruvian nationality with Spanish): Jose Echegaray (1904), Hyacinth Benavente (1922), Juan Ramon Jimenez (1956), Vicente Aleixandre (1977) and Camilo Jose Cela (1989). Someone must have escaped the Minister of Culture, miquel … Read more

The Community of Madrid approves a second degree protection for the house of Vicente Aleixandre

The house in which the last Spanish poet who won the Nobel Prize lived, Vicente Aleixandre, today a filthy and forgotten building, will be declared this Wednesday Asset of Patrimonial Interest (BIP) by the Community of Madrid “for its symbolic value”. The measure, which will be adopted by the Madrid Governing Council, is rejected by … Read more

This is the house of Vicente Aleixandre where he received García Lorca or Miguel Hernández and which is auctioned

The home of Vicente Aleixandre It was a meeting place for poets and writers of the time, but it was also much more, because within these four walls, the Nobel Prize for Literature (awarded in 1977) devised most of his work, and there he received the first copies of ‘ Ámbito ‘, which marked his … Read more

Velintonia, the historic house of the poet Vicente Aleixandre goes up to public auction without saving his memory

The house of the Nobel Prize Winner for Literature Vicente Aleixandre, Velintonia, will go to public auction soon. Three of the five heirs of the property began in 2020 the procedures to extinguish the property’s condominium and its subsequent sale by auction. For its part, the Community of Madrid has wanted to declare the place … Read more

Initiated the procedure to declare the house of Nobel Vicente Aleixandre of Heritage Interest | Madrid Gazette

The Community of Madrid has initiated the procedure to declare Asset of Patrimonial Interest (BIP) the house of the Nobel Prize Winner for Literature Vicente Aleixandre, in the Chamberí district, in order to guarantee its “correct protection, perception and cultural understanding”. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the regional Executive makes this decision … Read more