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GreenGo, the eco-responsible alternative to Airbnb that wants to shake up the tourism sector. Tourism is changing, market players must reinvent itself to better anticipate current environmental and societal issues. After a period marked by Covid, the French have resumed their taste for travel, with one desire: to go green. To meet these expectations, the … Read more

The “Save now buy later”, a viable alternative to the BNPL?

The world of fintech does not lack imagination. This year saw the appearance of a new concept, born in India, taking the opposite view of “Buy now pay later” (BNPL, or split payment) which consists of buying on credit by opting for payment in several instalments. This is the “Save now buy later” (SNBL). Contrary … Read more

Venezuelan Cooperativism receives the Alternative Nobel Prize this #30Nov

El premio Nobel Adolfo Perez Esquivel muestra sus pinturas

The Venezuelan network of cooperatives Cecosesola received recognition this Wednesday in Stockholm for more than half a century of collective work, with the award ceremony of the so-called Alternative Nobel Prize from the Swedish Right Livelihood Foundation Award. Cecosesola was distinguished together with the Somali Elman Peace Center, the Ukrainian Center for Civil Liberties and … Read more

Airbnb, leader in alternative accommodation

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

Created in 2008, Airbnb (“ Narrow Moat ”) is the world’s largest online travel agency offering alternative accommodations, also offering boutique hotel and experience booking services. Airbnb’s platform offered 6 million active accommodation listings in 2021. Listings from the company’s 4 million hosts are spread across 220 countries and 100,000 locations. In 2021, 54% of … Read more

36 Alternative Nobel Prize Winners Demand Freedom and Release of Mapuche Prisoners – Plots

This is how the red carpet of the MTV Video

In a petition addressed to the National Government and to the Justice Department of Río Negro, they demand the freedom and dismissal of the Mapuche women, the resignation of Minister Anibal Fernández, that Judge María Silvina Domínguez be submitted to the Prosecution Jury, the investigation of the actions of the security forces that intervened in … Read more

Venezuelan cooperative wins one of the so-called Alternative Nobel Prizes | D.W. | 29.09.2022

Venezuelan cooperative wins one of the so called Alternative Nobel Prizes

The so-called Alternative Nobel Prize, which is awarded every year by the Swedish foundation Right Livelihood Award, has distinguished this Thursday (09.29.2022) the Venezuelan network of cooperatives Cecosesola and activists from Ukraine, Somalia and Uganda. The jury also awarded Elman Peace’s commitment to peace in Somalia, the Center for Civil Liberties’ fight for democracy in … Read more

The French start-up that offers an alternative to OTAs

The Hotel Intelligence (HI) start-up, which offers an alternative to OTAs by proposing a price alignment to restore distribution power to hoteliers by promoting Direct Booking. The Hotel Intelligence (HI) start-up is rebalancing the relationship between hoteliers and OTA (Online Tourism Agency) to offer price alignment. Goal : restore the power of distribution to hoteliers … Read more

Spanish researchers develop an alternative to treat pruritus

Spanish researchers develop an alternative to treat pruritus

Scientists from the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) have developed a new alternative for the relief of itching caused by atopic dermatitis and other skin ailments that, as it is not a drug, is suitable for all people and all skin types. Specifically, the research group has studied the neuroreceptor terminals of the skin responsible for … Read more

What is aquamation, the alternative that is promoted as “greener” than cremation – BBC News World

1641245502 What is aquamation the alternative that is promoted as greener

Drafting BBC News World 48 minutes Image source, Reuters Caption, Flowers on Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s coffin during the state funeral, which took place in Cape Town, on January 1. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, hero of the struggle against apartheid and Nobel Peace Prize winner, who died on December 26, requested that his body be subjected to … Read more

The Alternative Nobel vindicates the need to combat climate change

Putin says Russian Nobel laureate wont be declared foreign agent

This content was published on 01 December 2021 – 20:12 01 December 2021 – 20:12 Copenhagen, Dec 1 (EFE) .- The urgent need to curb climate change was the main message heard this Wednesday at the award ceremony of the so-called Alternative Nobel of the Swedish Foundation Right Livelihood, in Stockholm “Now is the time … Read more