Netflix, Disney, Apple: what alternatives for moviegoers?

1642153145 Netflix Disney Apple what alternatives for moviegoers

The latest barometer of video on demand (VoD or VàDA, that is to say on subscription, the English equivalent of VoD/SVoD) published by the CNC – National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image – in December 2021 draws an indisputable conclusion: streaming platforms are growing and have largely benefited from the health crisis. From … Read more

Plant-based alternatives in human nutrition | The winners of the first “Vegetable Food Trophies” unveiled

Plant based alternatives in human nutrition The winners of the

It was the first edition of these “Vegetable Food Trophies”. The organizer,, designed them as a “showcase event for the incredible variety of plant foods and the wealth of know-how of its producers and manufacturers, committed to the excellence and development of this sector ”. The different products were judged, following the study of … Read more

David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian, Nobel Laureate in Medicine, open the way to new therapeutic alternatives for the approach at the end of life

David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian Nobel Laureate in Medicine open

The discovery that these two molecular biologists offer us opens the way to therapeutic alternatives for the approach to the end of life, its suffering and pain; providing tools for palliative care that help both the chronically or terminally ill in this important stage of their life. Last Monday, October 4, David Julius and Ardem … Read more