Festival America: for its president Francis Geffard, “indigenous peoples are now part of the conversation”

Festival America for its president Francis Geffard indigenous peoples are

The America festival, which takes place in Vincennes (Val de Marne) from September 22 to 25, 2022, has chosen this year as its theme “The voices of America”, and among these voices, wishes to make heard those long ignored by the so-called peoples “first”. On this occasion, the festival welcomes a large delegation of writers … Read more

Biarritz Latin America Festival: the return of the party

Los otros escritores amenazados por el fundamentalismo

On the programming side, he also announces a fundamental change: “We have heard some discontent about the selection of films for the last two editions. That of this year should correspond more to the expectations of the public. “Between fleshy and colorful programming and the return of the party without a mask, without a gauge … Read more

“Many Voices, One Region″: Latin America talks about sustainable development in New York

Movie theater Oscars 2022 a selection focused on initiatory stories

EL PAÍS offers the América Futura section openly for its daily and global informative contribution on sustainable development. If you want to support our journalism, subscribe here. Latin American presidents and ministers, winners of the Nobel Peace Prize and different Latin American personalities who work in the search for solutions will meet this Monday and … Read more

With “Nickel Boys”, writer Colson Whitehead continues his autopsy of segregationist America

With Nickel Boys writer Colson Whitehead continues his autopsy of.octet stream

9:00 a.m., October 2, 2020 “Even dead, the boys were a problem.” From the reading of this first sentence, the breathing changes, evolves towards apnea as the doors close around Elwood Curtis. Promised to a brilliant future, galvanized by Martin Luther King’s message of peace and by his imminent entry into university, Elwood fails, following … Read more

Un período muy malo para América Latina predice Mario Vargas Llosa

The Poet by Amadeus Raven chapter VII Diario de

El premio Nobel Mario Vargas Llosa, 86, el escritor latinoamericano viviente más conocido en el mundo, está bastante pesimista sobre América Latina en estos días. Cuando hablé extensamente con él la semana pasada, solo vio unos pocos rayos de esperanza en el continente. “Este es un período muy malo para América Latina”, me dijo en … Read more

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, artist: an exhibition between the history of Latin America and militancy

Adolfo Perez Esquivel artist an exhibition between the history of

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, artist: an exhibition between art, history and militancy (Télam) Art trails of yesterday and todaya sample of Adolfo Perez Esquivel which brings together drawings, paintings, prints and sculptures from 1950 to the present and offers a look at the culture and history of Latin America and the social concerns of the artist, … Read more

Scientist from Acayucan is one of the ten young scientists in Latin America

Doctor Noe Baruch Torres, a native of southern Veracruz and a graduate of the Higher Technological Institute of Acayucan (ES UNA), has been awarded the Pew Latin American Fellow in Biomedical Sciences 2022 by The Pew Charitable Trusts, an independent non-governmental non-profit organization founded in 1948 in the United States, with more than 6 billion … Read more

Premian a Inmuebles Carso por construir el Pabellón Nacional de la Biodiversidad, el proyecto más importe de América Latina en la materia – ZHN | Zacatecas Hoy Noticias

Premian a Inmuebles Carso por construir el Pabellon Nacional de

Ciudad de México.- La Asociación de Desarrolladores Inmobiliarios (ADI) otorgó a Inmuebles Carso el primer Premio ADI a la Responsabilidad e Impacto Social, por el desarrollo del Pabellón Nacional de la Biodiversidad que Fundación Carlos Slim donó a la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). El Pabellón, ubicado en Ciudad Universitaria, es un espacio gratuito … Read more

The poor and forgotten Central America

Guatemala City (Prensa Latina) Central America is the poorest and most forgotten area of ​​the Latin American subcontinent. The vast majority of the world’s population associates the region with “banana countries”, and that is all the knowledge they have of the area. In other words: widespread poverty, much violence, corruption. And, of course, banana production. … Read more