Gabriel vs. Alfie : Faites le test, MJ Rodriguez primée aux Golden Globes et une nouvelle saison de Grey’s Anatomy… Toutes les news série !

Emily in Paris : Gabriel ou Alfie, qui est celui qui te correspond le mieux ? Faites le test ! FAITES LE TEST EN CLIQUANT ICI ! Golden Globes 2022 : Pourquoi la victoire de MJ Rodriguez marque un tournant dans l’histoire de la cérémonie ? Diffusée de 2018 à 2021, Pose s’est imposée comme … Read more

Learn everything about solar panels: anatomy, history, present and future

In recent years, the use of renewable energies has begun to be taken into account thanks to the environmental and ecological movement. One of the main artifacts used for this purpose are solar panels and, although it seems like a very modern and innovative idea, the reality is that the first discoveries related to this … Read more

Gabriel vs. Alfie: Take the test, MJ Rodriguez awarded at the Golden Globes and a new season of Grey’s Anatomy… All the news series!

Gabriel vs Alfie Take the test MJ Rodriguez awarded at

Emily in Paris: Gabriel or Alfie, who suits you best? Take the test! TAKE THE TEST BY CLICKING HERE! Golden Globes 2022: Why MJ Rodriguez’s victory marks a turning point in the history of the ceremony? Airing from 2018 to 2021, Pose has established itself as one of our favorite series of recent years. Imagined … Read more

Steven Soderbergh, fluid anatomy

Steven Soderbergh fluid anatomy

It is always a great pleasure to receive the new publication of the Playlist Society editions which regularly offers us great essays on music, cinema, literature, series. Their formidable correction is enriched this month with a new post about a famous American director, Steven soderbergh. At the helm of this publication which made me discover … Read more

“Steven Soderbergh, anatomy of fluids”: echoes and (r) evolutions | LeMagduCine

Anthropologist and journalist, Pauline Guedj decides to radiograph Steven Soderbergh’s cinema. From an apparently protean filmography, she draws constants and operating methods that shed light on the work of a director who has experienced everything, or almost everything: blockbusters such as independent productions, the seventh art and television series, resounding successes just like painful failures. … Read more

[essai] Steven Soderbergh, the anatomy of fluids: circulations, networks and flows … – Benzine Magazine

essai Steven Soderbergh the anatomy of fluids circulations networks and

Astonishing addition to the already rich collection of author analyzes offered by Playlist Society, Fluid Anatomy is one of the most original: by offering a reflection on the work of a director as changeable and elusive as Steven Soderbergh, Pauline Guedj is doing very well! Erin Brockovich – Copyright Jersey Films Among the contemporary filmmakers, … Read more

“Steven Soderbergh, anatomy of fluids”, another work by Pauline Guedj

1637339263 Steven Soderbergh anatomy of fluids another work by Pauline Guedj

Cannes, 1989. Steven Soderbergh receives the Palme d’Or at Cannes for his first feature film, Sex, Lies and Video. Thirty-five films and four seasons of series later, he has become a key figure in the American audiovisual industry. Prolific, daring, Soderbergh scrambles the tracks, linking blockbusters (the trialogy of the Ocean’s, Erin Brockovich, Contagion …) … Read more