Palme d’Or to Kore-Eda, Palm of Anger to Asia Argento, accuser of Weinstein

Palme dOr to Kore Eda Palm of Anger to Asia Argento

The name of the conspicuously absent Harvey Weinstein eventually surfaced, through the voice of one of his accusers. With an incendiary speech against the American producer, Asia Argento shook up the closing of the 71st Cannes Film Festival which offered its Palme d’or to the Japanese Kore-Eda. “In 1997 I was raped by Harvey Weinstein … Read more

Anger grows in the Government with Guzmán for delay in agreement with the IMF and his unfulfilled promises

Anger grows in the Government with Guzman for delay in

The minister had promised that this agreement would be reached with the reduction in interest rates and with an extension in the terms These are not easy hours for Martín Guzmán. In the last few hours he was under the spotlight from inside and also from outside the Government. Since, a week ago, he made … Read more

Catharsis of businessmen via WhatsApp: unease and anger at the constant advance of tax pressure

1640819575 Catharsis of businessmen via WhatsApp unease and anger at the

The last stretch of the year found businessmen and women intertwining greetings from the weekend with messages loaded with pessimism. The trigger for the business malaise can be summarized in that they admit with dismay that the first concrete consequence of the political scene that emerged from December 10 until now aimed, in different ways, … Read more

The anger of Chileans in the days of the corona virus – ContraPunto

The anger of Chileans in the days of the corona

By Roberto Herrera The last time I set foot on the streets of Santiago was precisely in October 2019, a week before the social eruption of a town began that for more than four decades had been suffering the most negative and anti-popular consequences of the economic model sponsored by the American economist Milton. Friedman, … Read more