Justin Bieber canceló shows pero no se suspende su visita a Argentina

El cantante canadiense Justin Bieber sorprendió y preocupó ayer a sus fans cuando contó que sufre de la parálisis de los músculos de la mitad de su cara debido a un virus. También dijo que esta semana se vio obligado a cancelar varios shows en Toronto y Washington DC, todo contado a través de un video … Read more

From Janet Yellen’s ‘I was wrong’ in the US to Lorenzino’s ‘I want to go’ in Argentina

“I think I was wrong about the path inflation would take.” That was the phrase of Yanet Yellen, secretary of the US Treasury, to Wolf Blitzer, journalist and presenter of CNN on “The Situation Room” last Tuesday. Blitzer reminded the economist on camera of her comments from 2021, that inflation posed only a “small risk” … Read more

Ephemeris of May 27 in Argentina and the world

Marketing Day. On May 27, 1965, the Argentine Marketing Association (AAM) was founded as a non-profit association. In 1995 this date was decreed as “Marketing Day”. In 1527 the construction of the Sancti Spiritu fort was ordered. The Venetian navigator Sebastián Caboto or Gaboto, ordered the construction of the Sancti Spiritu fort on a ravine … Read more

Argentina: two wars against inflation

Alberto Fernandez and Vladimir Putin Fortunately, there is literature on the subject of inflation that clarifies the issue of exogenous expansion -that is, foreign to market decisions- as the cause of this evil that distorts relative prices. Perhaps it is not necessary to repeat that prices are the only indicators to know how to allocate … Read more

Strong commitment to Argentina from a global leader in agricultural innovation

In 1913 a chemical engineer from the German company BASF named Carl Bosch perfected the technique for the synthesis of fertilizers that allowed him to start producing ammonia by the ton, a key advance for agriculture and humanity that would earn him a Nobel Prize in chemistry. More than a hundred years later, that company … Read more

Argentina has the largest number of scientific researchers per inhabitant in Latin America: “We have developments of the highest level that we are exporting”

Argentina has the largest number of scientific researchers per inhabitant in Latin America, with 3.18 scientists per thousand economically active people EFE/ André Coelho “The key players in the process of improving the productivity and competitiveness of a country are the scientists,” he said. Daniel Filmus in dialogue with Infobae. On the occasion of Scientific … Read more

April 10: Day of the Researcher and the Scientific Researcher in Argentina

As a foreboding act many decades ago, Bernard Houssay He said: “I don’t want statues, plaques, awards, streets or institutes when I die. My wish is that none of this be done. My hopes are others. I wish that my country contributes to the scientific and cultural advancement of today’s world, that it has artists, … Read more

An economist from Columbia University confronted Stiglitz and Guzmán warned that there is a risk of hyperinflation in Argentina

Martín Uribe, professor at Columbia University Martin Uribe, professor at Columbia University and recognized as one of the most influential Argentine economists in the world, warned about the risks of hyperinflation in Argentina. “A situation of excessive deficit with a government that is divided, without a clear political course, are the basic ingredients of hyperinflation, … Read more