Les Olympiades (Canal+): should you watch this atypical film by Jacques Audiard?

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Known for his hyper-stylized and tense whodunits, such as a prophet, On my lips Where The Beat That My Heart Skipped, Jacques Audiard likes to challenge himself. Despite his ten César, his Palme d’Or and his Grand Jury Prize at Cannes, the son of the great master of good words and cult replies does not … Read more

L’avance sur recettes pour Emilia Perez de Jacques Audiard

Lavance sur recettes pour Emilia Perez de Jacques Audiard

PRODUCTION / FINANCEMENT France par Fabien Lemercier 14/07/2022 – Le CNC soutiendra aussi les prochains films de Catherine Corsini, Bruno Dumont et Jean-Charles Hue Le réalisateur Jacques Audiard (© La Biennale di Venezia – foto ASAC) Quatre projets ont été retenus dans le cadre de la seconde session 2022 du troisième collège (quatrièmes longs métrages et … Read more

Jacques Audiard: “Writing together allows you to thwart the literary character of a scenario”

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On November 2, 2021, on the occasion of the theatrical release of his film The Olympiadsthe screenwriter and director Jacques Audiard returned, at the microphone of Arnaud Laporte, on his artistic career and his working methods. Writing and Directing Born in 1952 in Paris, Jacques Audiard studied literature and intended to teach. He finally moved … Read more

Jacques Audiard | The world through the eyes of young thirtysomethings

1649847883 Jacques Audiard The world through the eyes of young

After The Sisters brothers, Jacques Audiard wanted a very light film, easier to make. To do this, he brought to the screen three graphic novels by American cartoonist Adrian Tomine, which he transposed into the reality of the 13and district of Paris. Exposing the lives of four young thirtysomethings, The Olympiads also gives the veteran … Read more

“Les Olympiades” by Jacques Audiard: “an elegant, inclusive film that flows naturally” according to Le Masque

Les Olympiades by Jacques Audiard an elegant inclusive film that

The Palme d’Or 2015 signs a biting comedy that plunges us into the 13th arrondissement of Paris filmed in black and white, in the Olympiades district. Jacques Audiard draws up the crossed destiny of four young people, synonymous with a generation in full disenchantment. The film is praised by Le Masque & la Plume! The … Read more

La Presse in Cannes | A second Palme d’Or for Jacques Audiard?

1639331245 La Presse in Cannes A second Palme dOr for

Once again, Jacques Audiard raises the level of Cannes competition with The Olympics, a sublime film – in black and white – about love and desire between young people in their thirties. For the teamAline, Wednesday was also the next day that sings. Posted on July 15, 2021 at 7:00 a.m. Marc-André Lussier Special Envoy, … Read more

The Olympics: after the western Les Frères Sisters, Jacques Audiard films desire

The Olympics after the western Les Freres Sisters Jacques Audiard

Jacques Audiard, Palme d’Or with “Dheepan”, multi-Césarisé with “Un prophète”, returns with a new feature film with an unprecedented register. In “The Olympics”, the filmmaker films desire and youth, with a touch of comedy. What is it about ? Paris 13th district of the Olympiades. Emilie meets Camille who is attracted to Nora who herself … Read more

With “Les Olympiades”, Jacques Audiard returns with an intimate story in the streets of Paris

With Les Olympiades Jacques Audiard returns with an intimate story

‘Un Prophète’, ‘Dheepan’ (Palme d’Or 2015), ‘Les Frères Sisters’ or even ‘De Rouille et d’Os’: we know the French director Jacques Audiard for his harsh historical and political frescoes. Surprise: he changes register here, for an urban, modern and intimate story, in the streets of a district of Paris. Why a film in the 13th … Read more

Jacques Audiard: “I have long railed against the casting of French cinema”

Jacques Audiard I have long railed against the casting of

Between the preview tour of his new feature film, “The Olympics” (presented at Cannes in July and released in theaters on November 3), and the preparation of his next film where he will try his hand at the musical, the schedule of Jacques Audiard is very busy. However, he receives us at his home, in … Read more

Meeting with Rone: “For Audiard, I made synthesizers cry”

1636054101 Meeting with Rone For Audiard I made synthesizers cry

For The Olympics, a story of polyamory between young people of different origins, ages and skin colors directed by Jacques Audiard, Rone imagined a soundtrack at the crossroads of ambient, electronica and synthpop. He, he says, “made the synthesizers cry.” Interview by Chloé Sarraméa. Rone by Jacques-Henri Heim This year, Jacques Audiard left empty-handed from … Read more