Côtes-d’Armor: Aurélie, from SAS Bernard, Oscar for “Young Entrepreneurs”

Cotes dArmor Aurelie from SAS Bernard Oscar for Young Entrepreneurs

By Yann Scavarda Published on 22 Nov 22 at 13:46 The Independent Courier See my news Follow this media Aurélie Blandel has been managing the Bernard Group (175 employees) since 2019. ©Le Courrier Indépendant The Oscars of Côtes-d’Armor companies reward the “virtuous actions” of local businesses. On the 2022 list, the 10e since the creation … Read more

After 40 years at the Opera, Aurélie Dupont leaves to “live differently”

CERRO ARMAZONES: The Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), the most powerful optical instrument ever built which will considerably increase the observation capacity of astronomers, is slowly emerging from the ground in northern Chile, one of the best places to look the stars. This new “eye on the sky”, which will be added from 2027 to the … Read more

Back to – The General of Angels of America by Tony Kushner by Aurélie Van Den Daele to see at the Union in Limoges

Back to The General of Angels of America by

Leaving the general of the first part ofAngels in America in the staging of Aurélie Van Den Daele, we say to ourselves that they are very lucky those who will be able to see the entire show. We entered that world with such ease. We let ourselves be enthralled, challenged, moved and dreamed, as if … Read more

Interview – Nouvelle directrice, Aurélie Van Den Daele explique son projet pour le CDN-théâtre de l'Union à Limoges et son école l'Académie

Interview Nouvelle directrice Aurelie Van Den Daele explique son

Le 20 juillet 2021, le ministère de la culture annonçait la nomination de la femme de théâtre Aurélie Van Den Daele à la tête du Théâtre de l’Union-CDN du Limousin à Limoges, suite à la démission de Jean Lambert-wild en décembre 2020. Elle devient aussi directrice de l’Académie de l’Union, école supérieure nationale de théâtre, sise à Saint-Priest-Taurion … Read more