Bachelet before the Constitutional Convention: “I know that they have been the victims of much criticism. I congratulate you, you are brave “

“If I could answer all the questions, they would give me a Nobel Prize.” This phrase in a relaxed tone reflected what was the visit of the current High Commissioner for Human Rights. Michelle Bachelet to the Constitutional Convention, where she spoke before the Political System Commission in her capacity as former president. Bachelet arrived … Read more

Michelle Bachelet after voting for Gabriel Boric: “Hope must beat fear”

1639922136 Michelle Bachelet after voting for Gabriel Boric Hope must beat

Former President Michelle Bachelet He voted before nine in the morning of this Sunday, December 19, at the Colegio Santa Catalina in the commune of La Reina. And after voting, the current UN High Commissioner for Human Rights was excited when speaking to the press outside that school. “This election is very important for the … Read more

From Bachelet to Vargas Llosa: Who is supporting Chile’s presidential candidates?

From Bachelet to Vargas Llosa Who is supporting Chiles presidential

Santiago – They are the most antagonistic candidates in a presidential election since the return to democracy in Chile. After triumphing in the first round on November 21, Gabriel Boric and José Antonio Kast have added support from different sectors. None of the candidates exceeded 30% of the votes in the last elections, so each … Read more

Bachelet deplores Nobel Prize sentence to four years in prison

Bachelet deplores Nobel Prize sentence to four years in prison

Aung San Suu Kyi, 76, was sentenced for inciting a protest, in this regard the UN commissioner said “It is not only an arbitrary denial of her freedom, but closes another door to political dialogue.” GENEVA – The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, regretted on Monday the 6th the conviction and … Read more