The lithium battery turns 50, although its history could have been a very different one

Stanley Whittinghamwho received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2019 for the invention of the lithium battery together with john goodenough Y Akira Yoshinoit only took him three months to develop the concept of the lithium battery that has changed the world in the fall of 1972. At the age of 31 and educated at … Read more

The monitoring of lithium by X-rays in a metal-lithium battery allows to extend its useful life

1648031159 The monitoring of lithium by X rays in a metal lithium battery

The pure lithium metal it is a promising replacement for the graphite-based anodes currently used in electric vehicle batteries. Its use could greatly reduce the weight of batteries, considerably extending the autonomy of electric vehicles compared to existing technologies. But before lithium metal batteries can be used in electric cars, scientists must first figure out … Read more