“The city of clouds and birds” by Anthony Doerr: the book in transmission – Benzine Magazine

The city of clouds and birds by Anthony Doerr the

Revealed by the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for All the light we can’t see, Anthony Doerr returns seven years later with a dizzying novel. The story of an ancient manuscript, object of transmission between eras, in an ode to the world of books and the imagination. © Deborah Hardee standing They have the same initials, have … Read more

Vortex: decrepitude in action seen by Gaspar Noé – Benzine Magazine

Vortex decrepitude in action seen by Gaspar Noe Benzine

In Vortex, Gaspar Noé films in split screen an aging couple confronted with illness and the end of life, A laborious film, almost demonstrative, but also sometimes beautiful and moving. A film that constantly divides. Copyright Wild Bunch Distribution On Vortexwe said, we read everywhere that Gaspar Noe had calmed down, that he had matured. … Read more

[Essai] “Laurent Cantet, the Sense of the Collective”, a cinema of the human – Benzine Magazine

Essai Laurent Cantet the Sense of the Collective a cinema

If the name of Cantet does not necessarily come to mind when we list the great French directors, reading the latest work by Marilou Dupontel and Quentin Mével in the “Face B” collection is instructive enough to make us revise our opinion. on him. Laurent Cantet and the actors of “Between the Walls” – Copyright … Read more

[essai] Steven Soderbergh, the anatomy of fluids: circulations, networks and flows … – Benzine Magazine

essai Steven Soderbergh the anatomy of fluids circulations networks and

Astonishing addition to the already rich collection of author analyzes offered by Playlist Society, Fluid Anatomy is one of the most original: by offering a reflection on the work of a director as changeable and elusive as Steven Soderbergh, Pauline Guedj is doing very well! Erin Brockovich – Copyright Jersey Films Among the contemporary filmmakers, … Read more

Focus on the last weekend of the 13th Festival Lumière – Benzine Magazine

Focus on the last weekend of the 13th Festival Lumiere

Focus on the last weekend of the 13th Festival Lumière. The 2021 vintage film event (in memory of the irreplaceable President of the Lumière Institute, master storyteller Bertrand Tavernier) awarded its prestigious Lumière Prize to director Jane Campion. Friday October 15. 9:33 p.m. Room 3000 in the amphitheater of the Lyon Convention Center. “Coming here … Read more

We have classified the “Palmes d’or” of the last 20 years – Benzine Magazine

We have classified the Palmes dor of the last 20

No “Palme d’Or” at Cannes for this year 2020. We reviewed the last 20 films that received the supreme award on the Croisette to make our ranking and to see how all these films have aged. © Cannes Film Festival As with most events, 2020 will be a blank year for the annual meeting of … Read more