“Streets of Philadelphia”: the unforgettable clip of Bruce Springsteen and Jonathan Demme

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To wait until the rebroadcast of the film with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington, on France 5. Andrew Beckett, a brilliant lawyer, is destined for a dazzling career. Adored by his milieu, nothing seems to be able to slow his rise, but the day his associates learn that Andrew has AIDS, they do not hesitate … Read more

Pulp Fiction: how Bruce Willis won the casting of Tarantino’s masterpiece – CinéSéries

Pulp Fiction how Bruce Willis won the casting of Tarantinos

Directly after his “Reservoir Dogs”, Quentin Tarantino starts his second feature film, “Pulp Fiction”. For his characters, he has very specific actors in mind. But Bruce Willis, superstar of the time and desiring at all costs to be in “Pulp Fiction”, will come to complicate his task… The Quentin Tarantino Sensation In 1994, Quentin Tarantino … Read more

Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Bruce Norris, Downstate DEFENDS pedophiles, arrives on Broadway

Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Bruce Norris Downstate DEFENDS pedophiles arrives on

The reviews are there for Downstate, a play that questions the societal punishment meted out to pedophiles after incarceration, and they are positive. The play, written by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Bruce Norris, is currently airing off-Broadway after premiering at Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theater pre-pandemic in 2018. The play centers on a group in southern Illinois, in … Read more

Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) and the latest controversy of Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden): “This is how concerts are”

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In a new interview with loudwire, chad croegerfrontman of nickelbackhas expressed his opinion on the last row he had Bruce Dickinsonhis counterpart from Iron Maiden, on stage. as you may remember, the englishman started yelling at a fan who was smoking weed during his show. In Kroeger’s case, he prefers that you blow smoke in … Read more

Bruce Willis: his secret fight against aphasia

1650171032 Bruce Willis his secret fight against aphasia

Despite the support of his relatives, aphasic, Bruce Willis gives up filming. The evil infused slowly. In 2015, Woody Allen had chosen Bruce Willis to appear in “Café Society”, before dismissing him. The production claimed problems with the star’s schedule, before leaking the real reason for his replacement: Willis’ inability to remember and say his … Read more

Bruce Willis is ending his career: a look back at ten roles to save

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TV series, big Hollywood productions and chain nanars: in forty years of career, the star has experienced ups and downs. From “Clair de lune” to “Moonrise Kingdom”, a look back at ten good memories that we will keep of the actor with charming irony. Unforgettable John McClane in the saga diehardboxer in love in pulp … Read more

« Piège de cristal », « Armageddon »… : Bruce Willis en dix rôles cultes

Piege de cristal Armageddon … Bruce Willis en dix roles cultes

La planète Hollywood a subitement cessé de tourner à l’annonce de la fatale nouvelle. À 67 ans, Bruce Willis met un terme à sa carrière pour cause d’aphasie. Un trouble grave du langage causé par une lésion cérébrale due à plusieurs causes possibles – dont celle d’une tumeur au cerveau. L’information, publiée sur le compte Instagram de … Read more

Barack Obama & Bruce Springsteen: Once Upon A Time America

Barack Obama Bruce Springsteen Once Upon A Time America

Novelist, essayist, critic and journalist Joan Didion died Thursday, December 23 from Parkinson’s disease. Joan Didion, renowned American author and icon of new journalism, best known for books like Play It as It Lays, The White Album and The Year of Magical Thinking died Thursday, report it New York Times. She was 87 years old. … Read more