Cajal Year will spread the work and legacy of the researcher throughout the territory

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The Government of Aragon and the City Council of Huesca join forces to lhe celebration of the 170th anniversary of the birth of Santiago Ramón y Cajal with an extensive program of initiatives and culture that will be developed throughout this year and the following. With this programming, both institutions want to take advantage of … Read more

For the first time, the Government of Navarra brings the work tools and original drawings of Santiago Ramón y Cajal to the Foral Community

Movie theater Oscars 2022 a selection focused on initiatory stories

The Minister of University, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Juan Cruz Cigudosa, has inaugurated this morning the exhibition “The look of Cajal / Cajalen begirada”, in Planetarium of Pamplona / Iruña, as part of the set of activities promoted to promote the figure and the legacy of the scientist and researcher of Navarre origin, during this … Read more

The Cajal Chair, in collaboration with the Merck Salud Foundation, calls for research grants

Among the legacy that the award left us Laureate Santiago Ramon y Cajal highlights its work for Science, but also the value of the work that young scientists carry out in this field, supporting them, and getting involved in the search for sustainable solutions to promote research in Spain. Under this premise, the Cajal Chair … Read more

The house where Ramón y Cajal spent the summer is for sale. And they ask 1,699,000 euros for her – TODAY ARAGÓN

The house where Ramon y Cajal spent the summer is

The Aragonese Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1906, he had two incredible mansions in Madrid. The first of them was located in front of the Parque del Retiro Observatory, in the central street of Alfonso XII. In this unique mansion, built in 1911, the Aragonese Nobel Prize winner lived until his … Read more

The Gran Vía de Zaragoza is now called Gran Vía de Don Santiago Ramón y Cajal

The Gran Via de Zaragoza is now called Gran Via

The PP and Cs team in front of the Zaragoza City Council has given the go-ahead to change of name of the Gran Vía, which from now on will be called Gran Vía de Don Santiago Ramón y Cajal. The agreement of the municipal government has come about after, a year ago, the plenary session … Read more

The X-rays in the eyes that ‘blinded’ Ramón y Cajal and Valle-Inclán

The X rays in the eyes that blinded Ramon y Cajal

The latest biography of Santiago Ramón y Cajal is written by the historian Francisco Cánovas Sánchez and has been published in Alianza. It is a social biography, so to speak, since it presents us with the time in which the scientist lived (1852-1934); a border age that conditioned their scientific research, assuming that unfavorable circumstances … Read more