California Iranians’ Unison Support

This Saturday in November, the roles are reversed on Hollywood Boulevard. A Spiderman and a Batman in threadbare costumes watch, intrigued, passers-by leave the mall housing the Dolby Theater, where the Oscars ceremony is held each year. That afternoon, neither red carpet nor photocall, but the same rallying sign: green-white-red, the colors of the Iranian … Read more

How California is building the nation’s first privacy policy – Reuters News in France and abroad

Ashkan Soltani, the head of California’s new online privacy regulator, needed help launching the first such agency in the United States. So he called the state Horse Racing Board. Mr Soltani asked Scott Chaney, the executive director of the racing council, which oversees around 10 racetracks, about the ins and outs of running a small … Read more

The Lakers are going on an adventure: a short road trip of 6 games to the East, how do you say “misstep forbidden” in California?

The Lakers are going on an adventure a short road

The Lakers must be reassuring, the Lakers must win at all costs, the Lakers must imperatively go up in the Western Conference standings. Okay, but the Lakers will mostly stuff themselves with a six-game road trip to the East, among which big customers are knocking on the door. Debrief. The Angelinos made a good operation … Read more

Scientist whose key breakthroughs were made in California wins the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Scientist whose key breakthroughs were made in California wins the

San Diego, California – The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to a pair of researchers who invented a better, greener way to create molecules to fight disease and store energy, groundbreaking work largely done in the science meccas of San Diego and Berkeley. Benjamin List, a former postdoctoral researcher and professor at Scripps Research … Read more