Latin Grammy 2022: ¿en qué canal ver la ceremonia de premiación?

El premio Nobel Adolfo Perez Esquivel muestra sus pinturas

Restan pocos días para celebrar los Latin Grammy 2022 en la ciudad de Las Vegas, evento que lleva por finalidad premiar a los artistas más destacados de la música latina en el último año, y a través del cual se hará reconocimiento del talento y/o trayectoria de muchos. Si buscas conocer quiénes son los nominados, … Read more

“The Eternals”, on Canal +: superheroes in the fight against global warming

The Eternals on Canal superheroes in the fight against

Sprite (Lia McHugh), Druig (Barry Keoghan), Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani), Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry), Karun (Harish Patel), Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Ikaris (Richard Madden) in “The Eternals” (2021) , by Chloe Zhao. DISNEY/MARVEL STUDIOS CANAL+ – FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21 AT 11:30 P.M. – FILM She had first been approached to direct Black Widow (2021), film finally … Read more

The event (Canal+): why you shouldn’t miss this drama crowned with the Golden Lion in Venice

On September 11, 2021, The eventa film directed by the young Audrey Diwan, is crowned with the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. A few months after the Palme d’Or awarded to Titanium by Julia Ducournau (“superficial provocation”, for some filmmakers), it is a certain French cinema, young, committed and feminine that finds itself … Read more

La Ligne Rouge (Canal + Grand écran) : quel grand cinéaste est complètement fan du film ?

NBA – The 2 priority players that the Nets want

Avec La ligne rouge, en salles en 1999 et à (re)découvrir à 21h, ce jeudi 21 juillet sur Canal + Grand Écran, Terrence Malick mettait fin un silence assourdissant. Le peu prolifique réalisateur n’avait rien livré depuis le sublime Les Moissons du ciel, sorti en… 1978. Les retrouvailles, vingt ans plus tard donc, furent belles … Read more

Les Olympiades (Canal+): should you watch this atypical film by Jacques Audiard?

NBA – The 2 priority players that the Nets want

Known for his hyper-stylized and tense whodunits, such as a prophet, On my lips Where The Beat That My Heart Skipped, Jacques Audiard likes to challenge himself. Despite his ten César, his Palme d’Or and his Grand Jury Prize at Cannes, the son of the great master of good words and cult replies does not … Read more

Pluri(elles): this summer, the diversity of heroines is in the spotlight on CANAL+ | myCANAL

Plurielles this summer the diversity of heroines is in the

Job by Alexis Lebrun July 8, 2022 From July 15 to August 26, moviegoers will be able to find some of the most notable female characters who have appeared in cinemas in recent months on the encrypted channel. From rape and revenge to musical biopics, period films and documentaries, no less than 17 films and … Read more

Schoolboy humor, debauchery of means and cult sequences: the crazy Canal years of the Cannes Film Festival

By Maroussia Dubreuil Posted today at 01:12 Reserved for our subscribers NarrativeFor twenty-eight years, from 1993 to 2021, Canal+ was the official channel for the high mass of the seventh art. A marriage under the seal of impertinence and glamour, for better or for worse. Today, it is the turn of France Télévisions and the … Read more

Oscars, César: don’t miss anything on the red carpet thanks to CANAL + – Les Inrocks

From great cinema classics to unmissable new releases, CANAL+ rolls out the red carpet to its subscribers. Our selection to see at least once in your life. A selection of the best films to see on CANAL+ It’s high season for film lovers: the seventh art is on the starting blocks for the annual ceremonies … Read more

Cannes films are on CANAL+ | myCANAL

Post by Jean Francois Frontera May 10, 2022 CANAL+ offers an exceptional cinema program from May 16 with, in exclusive first broadcast, films awarded or presented at the last Cannes Film Festival. TITANE, DRIVE MY CAR, LA FRACTURE, COMPARTMENT N°6, EVERYTHING WENT WELL, JULIE (IN 12 CHAPTERS), FLAG DAY, OLGA, FAST AND FURIOUS 9 and … Read more

Le Flambeau, Dune, Titane, Aline, Julie (in 12 chapters): series and films to watch in May on CANAL+

In May, CANAL+ is doing what series fans like with the long-awaited return of MAAAARC de la Flamme, in Le Flambeau! Moviegoers will be able to (re)discover Dune or Fast & Furious 9, not to mention a Cannes 2021 selection. THE UNAVOIDABLE Titanium – Monday, May 16 Sensation of 2021 allowing its director Julia Ducournau … Read more