Nickelback releases “High Time”, the Canadian ode to cannabis and the road

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

Launches this Friday ‘Get Rollin”the new of nickelbackand the band has taken advantage of what little is left to release their third single, “High Time”which, broadly speaking, is nothing more than an ode to marijuana and the road. The theme, with a certain air of country rock, talks about the nomadic life of the musician, … Read more

US cannabis is moving ‘relatively modestly’, says Tilray CEO

US cannabis is moving relatively modestly says Tilray CEO

Cannabis companies have been eyeing the United States for years and Tilray has made inroads into the market with its acquisitions of SweetWater Brewing Company and Breckenridge Distillery. (Photo: 123RF) The chief executive of Tilray Brands has tempered expectations a day after US President Joe Biden revealed he would pardon those convicted under federal law … Read more

Father and son, partners in life and in cannabis cultivation

Father and son partners in life and in cannabis cultivation

Wrinkled eyes and white hair for Horacio. A great speck of dreadlocks and designer glasses for Hernán, or Hernix, his stage name. They share a well-known surname. Horace Milstein He is a great-nephew of Cesar Milstein, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1984 for his research on monoclonal antibodies. At the other generational end of the … Read more