8 socially committed films (and of very good quality!) | Care news INFO

Homosexuality, precariousness, environment… Committed cinema. Credit: iStock. Cinema speaks of reality, and in particular of the major questions that agitate societies. Racism, homosexuality, precariousness… These are themes addressed on the big screen. Here is a personal list, and of course not exhaustive, of films that can give grain to grind to your commitments. Precariousness: Me, … Read more

World Palliative Care Day: Zatti Hospital is up for the Nobel Prize | NoticiasNet – Information from Rio Negro, Patagones and the coast.

Los otros escritores amenazados por el fundamentalismo

October 8 is World Palliative Care Day, which is celebrated every second Saturday of October with the aim of making the population aware that all people have the right to receive care in the last stretch of their lives. This is care to improve the quality of life for patients who have a serious or … Read more

Elisenda Roca: “Children don’t care if the author is a Nobel Prize winner, they are interested in history”

Why the Famine Bill is a Good Deal Joseph

“Are you Elisenda Roca?», asks a middle-aged woman very moved by the fortuitous meeting in the middle of the morning, near Plaça Espanya. The renowned Catalan writer, theater director and journalist is pleasantly surprised that a Majorcan woman remembers her for her program Cifras y Letras de Ella, 25 years after her. But the new … Read more

Ionizing radiation in safe patient care

Ionizing radiation in safe patient care

Patients, both national and international, increasingly demand higher safety standards in their healthcare experience. Herwin Speckter, Manager of Medical Technology at the Centers for Diagnosis and Advanced Medicine and Medical Conferences and Telemedicine (Cedimat), explains that it is already very common for patients to have in-depth knowledge about their studies and treatments, including the risks … Read more

Cade Cunningham: ‘People don’t care about you until you win’

Freshly landed in the NBA this year on the side of Detroit, Cade Cunningham confided at length to the famous magazine SLAM about his first season in the Big League. Not everything went like the first pick of the 2021 Draft had planned, but that’s a good thing, because the young boy is now excited … Read more

Luis José Chávez calls on the press to take care of tourism, the country’s main economic platform

SANTIAGO.-The journalist Luis José Chávez exhorted communication professionals to take care of tourism, recalling that in the era of social networks, false, exaggerated or sensational news can damage the most important economic activity in the Dominican Republic. Chávez, who was recently ratified as president of the Ibero-American Forum of Tourism Journalists (FIPETUR), affirmed that communicators … Read more

“Deadwood”, a series that teaches us the ethics of “care”

Deadwood a series that teaches us the ethics of care

The ethics of “care” was born 40 years ago in the United States, under the pen of a psychologist, Carol Gilligan. This ethic of attention to others, of “taking care”, has since been the subject of reflection in all fields of the human and social sciences: economics, philosophy, political science and even management science. Its … Read more

Ecuador: “The Government does not take care of the problems of the people”

Ecuador The Government does not take care of the problems

The investigation against the president is archived within the framework of the Pandora Papers. After the decision of the Comptroller General of Ecuador to archive the investigation against the president for his involvement in the so-called Pandora Papers, the Ecuadorian researcher Katiuska King spoke with GPS International to analyze the implications of this in the … Read more

Fanny Pollarolo, the Chilean psychiatrist who took care of the mental health of hundreds of victims of political repression in the midst of the military dictatorship

Fanny Pollarolo is a Chilean psychiatrist and politician born in 1935 who contributed to the fight for human rights and feminist mobilization in the years of resistance to the civic-military dictatorship. She was the first professional in her family; After graduating as a medical surgeon in 1961 at the University of Chile School of Medicine, … Read more