This is how Carlos Vives lived his concert in Seattle, USA, after receiving six Latin Grammy nominations

This is how Carlos Vives lived his concert in Seattle

Carlos Vives transmits happiness to his fans on social networks because of his “After all, Vives” tour. Instagram: Carlos Vives The tour that leads Carlos Vives in the North American country it has gone satisfactorily. Despite the challenges he has had to go through, the singer is determined to continue with his projects and to … Read more

Eduardo Foncillas: “Carlos III may abdicate in favor of his son to save the monarchy”

Why the Famine Bill is a Good Deal Joseph

The High Aragonese Eduardo Foncillas, a native of Adahuesca, met Elizabeth II, queen of england and also to Mikhail Gorbachev, former president of the Soviet Union (1988-1991) who received the Nobel Peace Prize, both deceased within a month. Foncillas was the first Spanish ambassador in Germany, for nine years, in the stage of Felipe González, … Read more

Carlos Alberto Montaner: Why Petro’s experiment in Colombia will go wrong – El Líbero

Petro’s experiment in Colombia will go horribly wrong. Mario Vargas Llosa has said it with all his letters. Colombians voted wrong. Also the Peruvians, and the Argentines and the Mexicans. Voting for the worst option is within everyone’s reach. Mario is an excellent writer, Nobel Prize winner in 2010, but he is not the Oracle … Read more

Carlos Saavedra Lamas, the first Argentine Nobel Peace Prize winner

Carlos Saavedra Lamas the first Argentine Nobel Peace Prize winner

June 6, 193785 years ago, an Argentine and Latin American received, for the first time, the Nobel Peace Prize. It was about Carlos Saavedra Lamas, to whom, upon distinguishing him, they delivered a medal that keeps a story for the destiny it had time after. The distinction was awarded to the lawyer, diplomat and politician … Read more

Stagflation and inequality | Opinion of José Carlos Diez

Stagflation and inequality Opinion of Jose Carlos Diez

I am writing this article from Times Square, the heart of New York, where I spent my Easter holidays and took advantage of the trip to read the recommendable book ‘Fighting Inequality’. It has been coordinated by Oliver Blanchard and Dani Rodrick and summarizes a seminar at the Peterson Institute in 2019 on the topic … Read more

Carlos Baute: “You have to be critical and see what can work and what can’t” – Cadena Dial

Carlos Baute You have to be critical and see what

Filed in: Charles Baute • Artists see their careers reflected in other disciplines beyond the artistic. For example, Charles Baute reflects on the relationship that science can have with music. It does this by treating the reflection of a Nobel Prize in Chemistry from 1996: Harold Walter Croto. As compiled by the singer of The … Read more

¿Daniela Darcourt se siente “nominada” al Grammy por participar en el álbum de Tony Succar? | ENTREVISTA | Don Tetto | “Duele no tenerte” | Diego Pulecio | Carlos Leongómez | Jaime Valderrama | Jaime Medina | LUCES

1648145631 ¿Daniela Darcourt se siente nominada al Grammy por participar en

Tras años de ausencia, la banda de rock alternativo colombiana Don Tetto vuelve a pisar tierra peruana para ofrecernos un concierto y la promesa de un sonido renovado. Es así que el cuarteto conformado por Diego Pulecio (cantante y guitarrista), Carlos Leongómez (guitarrista), Jaime Valderrama (voz secundaria y bajista) y Jaime Medina (voz y baterista) … Read more

Arturo Anadón, named “Member of Merit” of the Carlos III Foundation

Arturo Anadon named Member of Merit of the Carlos III

The Carlos III Foundation is a private international cultural entity whose purpose is to promote the arts, science and patronage, with special dedication to relations between Spain and Latin America, and that is why the Carlos III Foundation set up 25 years ago the “Ibero-American Forum” at the initiative of the ambassadors of those countries … Read more

Jerau participates in a children’s album nominated for the 2022 grammy anglo and releases a song with Carlos Vives and Nacho

Jerau participates in a childrens album nominated for the 2022

Loaded with news and with a lot of music to share, is the Cartagena artist Jerau. Precisely, one of his most recent professional achievements is the participation he had as a collaborator in the children’s music album “Actívate” by the duet 123 Andrés, which is nominated for best children’s album at the 2022 Anglo Grammy … Read more

After the murder of Juan Carlos Muñiz in Zacatecas, Nobel Peace Prize winner demands security for journalists

After the murder of Juan Carlos Muniz in Zacatecas Nobel

On the afternoon of last Friday, March 4, he was murdered in Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Juan Carlos Munizjournalist at the news agency Multimedia Mining Witness, while driving a taxi, work that alternated with the coverage of police issues in this entity. He is the seventh journalist to be killed in Mexico this year alone. Through its … Read more