They call in the United States to combat the censorship of books with black characters and LGBT themes

El premio Nobel Adolfo Perez Esquivel muestra sus pinturas

In the United States, the Week for Prohibited Books was convened, from September 18 to 24, as a form of resistance against the growing censorship in the country, especially in 2022, when there is “a particularly aggressive wave of prohibitions and challenges in the whole nation.” “Libraries are at the forefront in the fight against … Read more

A literary canon without women: the curricular censorship of the Community of Madrid – Magisnet

Why the Famine Bill is a Good Deal Joseph

117 men and 9 women: it is the balance of the indicative canon proposed by the Community of Madrid for the subject of Universal Literature of Baccalaureate. Not one of the 16 winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature: neither Toni Morrison, nor Nadine Gordimer, nor Wisława Szymborska, nor Gabriela Mistral, nor Svetlana Alexievich, who … Read more

Faced with censorship, a non-flammable edition of La Servante Écarlate

Faced with censorship a non flammable edition of La Servante Ecarlate

As an unprecedented wave of censorship continues to rage in libraries and schools across the United States, author Margaret Atwood, 82, has presented a non-flammable version of her bestseller The Scarlet Maidregularly targeted by interdiction attempts across the Atlantic. The work of Margaret Atwood has never been so hot, to say the least. The most … Read more

Under-representation of women directors, censorship: Cannes, it starts today, it’s not just glamorous

Under representation of women directors censorship Cannes it starts today its

As the 75th edition of the festival is about to kick off, we already have a bitter taste in our mouths. Oh, canes. Its Croisette, its red carpet, its designer dresses, its praise at the cinema. It’s nice. What a dream. Unfortunately, beneath the glamorous veneer of the most important cinema event in the world, … Read more

TV4 News | Russian journalist narrates the war from censorship

TV4 News Russian journalist narrates the war from censorship

“4-1″:”league”:””,”programs”:[“produccion”:”TV4 Deportes Informativo”,”foto”:””,”hora”:”13:30:00″,”duracion”:”01:00:00″,”sinopsis”:”Entu00e9rate de los acontecimientos deportivos mu00e1s importantes en Guanajuato, Mu00e9xico y el mundo, bajo la conducciu00f3n de Miguel Cruz, Edgar Deschamps, Salvador Gu00f3mez y Octavio Zu00fau00f1iga.”,”capitulo”:”capitulo”:””,”sinopsis”:””,”produccion”:”TV4 Noticias de la tarde”,”foto”:””,”hora”:”14:30:00″,”duracion”:”01:00:00″,”sinopsis”:”Imelda Solano y todo un equipo de profesionales que trabaja de manera oportuna y veraz, te ofrece las noticias generadas a nivel local, regional, … Read more

The “no to war” of a journalist on Russian television goes viral despite Kremlin censorship

1647344291 The no to war of a journalist on Russian television

The protest lasted a few seconds during prime time on Russia’s main channel. The editor of the international section Marina Ovsyannikova burst in behind the presenter on Monday night with a poster against the war, something that could be severely sanctioned by the law “against disinformation” that the Government of Vladimir Putin approved a few … Read more

A history of censorship and persecution: Vladimir Putin’s fight against independent Russian media

A history of censorship and persecution Vladimir Putins fight against

A press worker is detained by Russian police during a protest in St. Petersburg (REUTERS / Stringer) Ivan Kolpakoveditor-in-chief of jellyfishone of Russia’s most popular independent media outlets, expected the government to block public access to its website every day since the war with Ukraine began. On Friday morning it finally happened. But then the … Read more

The day that Mercedes Sosa defied censorship and repression | song in the wind

The day that Mercedes Sosa defied censorship and repression

40 years ago – a minute before Malvinas, even before the CGT march on March 30 – the dictatorship began to fall. A cycle of concerts in the middle of Corrientes street defied censorship and repression and, in the same gesture, gave birth to an aesthetic (and ideological) idea that was foundational at the time: … Read more

Censorship. In American schools, the book war is raging

Censorship In American schools the book war is raging

Across the United States, parents, activists, school board members and lawmakers are calling for a growing number of books to be banned, much to the chagrin of teachers, booksellers and free speech advocates. . In Wyoming, a district attorney considered charges against librarians who had books on their shelves like Sex Is a Funny Word … Read more

Nadia Murad to tell her story in Canada despite Toronto censorship

Putin says Russian Nobel laureate wont be declared foreign agent

This content was published on 26 November 2021 – 20:05 26 November 2021 – 20:05 Julio Cesar Rivas Toronto (Canada), Nov 26 (EFE) .- In February, the Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad will finally be able to present her book, “I will be the last: History of my captivity and my fight against the … Read more