The anguish of a blank page, perpetuated through the centuries

1672834551 The anguish of a blank page perpetuated through the centuries

my latest book, A Writing Studies Primer (Introduction to Writing Studies, untranslated), includes a chapter on the gods, goddesses and patron saints of scripture. During my research, I was struck by the fact that writers have always sought the inspiration and intercession of the gods. In reality, frustrated writers who yearn for a muse or … Read more

United by the Planet Award, separated by three centuries of history – Valencia City

United by the Planet Award separated by three centuries of

The winner of the Planeta, Luz Gabás, and the finalist, Cristina Campos, present their novels in Valencia Luz Gabás and Cristina Campos, in a promotional image (ARDUINO VANNUCCHI). They have spent so much time together since the Planeta prize was awarded, on October 15, that they already seem like a duo. They are living a … Read more

“If Molière crosses the centuries, it is thanks to his comic genius”

Los otros escritores amenazados por el fundamentalismo

“We arrived yesterday at Les Riches-Claires for our first day of rehearsal and we are in the middle of scouting the room for our entrances and exits from the stage, the technique… and even the coffee machine”smiles Nicole Stankiewicz, director of the Small World by Georges Dandin, according to Molière. A few days before the … Read more

Five Nobel Laureates passed through the cloisters of the UBA in its two centuries of history

1634417831 Five Nobel Laureates passed through the cloisters of the UBA

Carlos Saavedra Lamas was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1936, the first Latin American to receive it. Photo: Tlam Archive Five Nobel laureates passed through the classrooms of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in its 200-year history, a unique event in every higher institution in Ibero-America and one of the few higher education institutions … Read more