Mayor of Vicuña asks to change the name of the Coquimbo Region to honor Gabriela Mistral

Senators, unions, local communities and even a university have joined the controversial initiative, which returns to the debate five years after its first unsuccessful attempt. Almost five years after the first formal attempt, from Vicuna a controversial initiative resurfaces that seeks to change the name of the Coquimbo Region to that of “Gabriela Mistral’s Coquimbo … Read more

Assessments for effective social change

Assessments for effective social change

William MacAskill’s book “Effective Altruism” questions how, despite multiple attempts to improve the world’s social problems through donations or tax-financed social programs, taxpayers have little idea of ​​how much benefit is being made. in relation to the investment made or which of all the programs should be prioritized. Based on the experience in sub-Saharan Africa … Read more

Juanes: Petro’s victory in Colombia, “an inevitable and necessary change”

Asked in this regard about measures such as the election of the first black vice president in its history, Francia Márquez, the artist born Juan Esteban Aristizábal (Medellín, 1972) did not hesitate to point out to Efe that this is “a very strong message.” “Colombia needs to get to know itself, who we really are, … Read more

Tout ce qui change pour votre argent en juillet

Tout ce qui change pour votre argent en juillet

Télécoms: meilleure protection du consommateur en itinérance Ce 1er juillet 2022, la nouvelle réglementation européenne relative à l’itinérance (roaming en anglais, NDLR) entrera en vigueur. Bonne nouvelle, rien ne change sur le principe de base: comme c’est le cas depuis juin 2017 (et comme ce sera le cas au moins jusqu’en 2032), les consommateurs européens … Read more

Anniversary between cinema, health, climate change and the history of Ethiopia

I take the floor again to tell you that, in these first days of June, we have continued with a whole set of activities that are part of the guidelines of Casa Africa and that aim, as always, to get closer to the neighboring continent. I would like to mention, with special affection, our participation … Read more

Educate, not just teach: universities want and must be agents of change

On March 15, 2007, the Autonomous University of Madrid invested as doctor Honoris Causa the Portuguese writer and Nobel Prize for Literature, Joseph Saramago. Throughout that day, the university community had the opportunity to talk and share with the writer on very diverse topics –beyond literature– which led him to comment and explain at one … Read more

Ascension weekend: how the French decided to change air

11:00 p.m., May 28, 2022 The rush towards the big blue. Everything is full, everywhere in France. Trains and planes refuse passengers. The roads are overflowing, with a national record of 761 kilometers of traffic jams recorded Thursday, while the traffic forecast for this return day turns black. Hotels, lodges, campsites, holiday villages, amusement parks, … Read more

Will Chaves change the helm of the Tico people? (+ Audio)

For the Costa Rican population, who elected him as president of the Republic, Rodrigo Chavez and his government platform remains unknown, because although he promises to put a stop to poverty and inequality in a country previously considered an example for Latin America, his training as a servant of large groups of economic power warns … Read more

Will humanity end in 4 years if the bees disappear? There is no evidence, but the world would change

Will humanity end in 4 years if the bees

“If the bees disappear, we are not going to disappear in four years, that cannot be calculated. There are no studies that show that,” Paredes said. Send us in chat something you want us to check. Click here: “Even if there were no bees of any kind, there are other insects and animals that are … Read more

Mauricio Macri’s flirtation with Alfredo Cornejo makes noise in Together for Change

Mauricio Macris flirtation with Alfredo Cornejo makes noise in Together

During the management of Cambiemos elexpresident Mauricio Macri and the then governor of Mendoza, Alfredo Cornejo, they had a very rough bond and failed to get along. The current senator was one of the most critical internal voices against energy policy and the scant influence of the Radical Civic Union in the decision-making process. But … Read more