58th edition of the Oscars of Sport “South West”: Christian Delsuquet has changed rings

58th edition of the Oscars of Sport South West Christian

Lhe Lot-et-Garonne was represented in force this Monday evening at Matmut Atlantique in Bordeaux. The lair of the Girondins de Bordeaux was the scene of the 58eedition of the Oscars of Sport “South West”. In the hall of honor which hosted the ceremony, the flags of SU Agen fluttered on the screens. A nod to … Read more

How has the behavior of the wine consumer changed by the Covid?

How has the behavior of the wine consumer changed by

The last 20 months have seen a radical change in consumer habits across the globe. In a very unexpected and sudden way there has been a global confinement, a global closure of establishment and a change in habits and socialization with respect to the way we lived before 2020. Through what Wine Intelligence calls “Natural … Read more

This Catholic doctor changed the world’s view of Down syndrome

This Catholic doctor changed the worlds view of Down syndrome

The postulator for the cause of canonization of Jérôme Lejeune, Aude Dugast, highlighted the heroic character of the virtues of the French geneticist, as well as his spiritual and intellectual legacy that changed the world view of Down syndrome. Born on June 13, 1926 in Montrouge (France), Dr. Lejeune discovered in 1958 the trisomy of … Read more

‘Quo Vadis’, the movie that changed Hollywood

1636352411 Quo Vadis the movie that changed Hollywood

In 1951, the year it was released Quo Vadis, an event occurred that would mark Hollywood cinema during that decade: CBS made the first public broadcast of color television in New York. In this way, the threat that the expansion of television receivers among the population already posed for large studios, thanks to their cheapening … Read more

Cannes Film Festival 2021: “This is where all these films and directors who changed my life were born,” says actress Jodie Foster after her honorary Palme d’Or

Cannes Film Festival 2021 This is where all these films

Jodie Foster will star in the film Designated Guilty, in theaters July 14, of which franceinfo is a partner. While the American actress and director has just received an honorary Palme d’Or for her entire career, she evokes Thursday July 8 the special relationship she has with the Cannes Film Festival. A story apart since … Read more

Parity, diversity, transparency … Have literary juries changed?

Parity diversity transparency Have literary juries changed

VSis done. In an article from New York Times published on November 28, 2020 and entitled ” Despite the Matzneff affair, the literary community remains walled in between itself “, Six jurors of Renaudot had assured that they would elect a woman, for the sake of parity, in place of the resigning, Jérôme Garcin. Six … Read more

Outfit story: why Natalie Portman changed her dress at the last minute at the 2011 Oscars? – She

Outfit story why Natalie Portman changed her dress at the

February 27, 2011. For the 83e Oscars ceremony, Natalie Portman is one of the most anticipated guests of the evening. After the box office success of the film “Black Swan”, the young woman named in the category “best actress” confirms her status as a planetary star. On the red carpet, the actress appears all smiles, … Read more