Climate change and sustainable development: narratives and altruism

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The constant irruption of extreme events alerts us to a future of great uncertainty. Humanity is going through a critical moment, the constant irruption of extreme events alerts us to a future of great uncertainty. This situation leads us to decide “in the dark”, without adequately understanding the context we are facing or what the … Read more

Climate change was this; key movies to understand a growing problem

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For years now, no one, not even the politicians furthest from social and ecological reality, can deny that climate change is a fact. Not even that seasoned brother-in-law, (related to a distinguished politician) who denied the existence of the disaster, would have the audacity to deny today some facts whose effects are felt every day … Read more

Seminar will bring together experts in Climate Change, Tourism, Water and Energy Efficiency – Diario de Valdivia

Why the Famine Bill is a Good Deal Joseph

With the purpose of collectively reflecting on the variables that determine the development of public policies, science and innovation, as well as various sectors of the market and industry; Nueva Diplomacia Magazine will hold the fourth transversal seminar to address climate change and the management of natural resources such as water and energy, in a … Read more

“Climate Book”: authenticity in Greta Thunberg’s latest work

Climate Book authenticity in Greta Thunbergs latest work

– Advertising- “The time has come for us to tell this story and, perhaps, even for us to change the ending,” he says. Greta Thunberg regarding his latest publishing novelty: “Climate Book”, a proposal in which he explains how the climate works, how our planet is changing, how it affects us, what we have done … Read more

The 4 experts who knock down the alarmist and anti-capitalist messages of the Climate Summit

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The COP27 climate summit takes place, one more year, in a context of marked alarmism and deep suspicion towards companies and capitalism. Time and time again, the politicians and activists involved in such a campaign insist that the free market destroys the environment and propose all kinds of interventionist measures, ranging from tax increases or … Read more

Cambio16 and Jorge Neri Bonilla awarded Climate Positive Awards 2022 by Green Cross

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Change16, the sustainability magazine, won in the person of its editor Jorge Neri Bonilla, the Climate Positive Awards 2022 award, in the area of ​​Sustainable Morality from the bottom up, with which Green Cross United Kingdom distinguishes people and institutions for positively addressing the human impact. With the motto “let’s give humanity a chance and … Read more

Rigoberta Menchú on climate crisis: “Human beings are also deteriorating”

Rigoberta Menchu on climate crisis Human beings are also deteriorating

Bogotá — The Guatemalan indigenous leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Rigoberta Menchú, warned about the possible non-compliance with the goals proposed for 2030 in the face of climate change and stressed that not only is there an environmental crisis, but also “Human beings are also deteriorating.” “It is not only the poor and the … Read more

Nobel Prize highlights the importance of training to face the effects of climate change on health

Photo: Dunia Alvarez Palacios Only through the development of a generation of informed and trained professionals in a variety of fields can society intelligently assess the complexities of the interactions between climate and health, said Ana Rosa Moreno Sánchez, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and professor of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Within the … Read more