The closing of the hole in the ozone layer already has a date if we continue like this

The closing of the hole in the ozone layer already

One of lime and one of sand. Although we just met the results of the latest Copernicus program reportwhich states that 2022 has been the fifth hottest year for as long as records exist, this week has also been a place for good environmental news. And it is that, according to the most recent data … Read more

Lilia Cedillo Closing the IV Congress of Researchers of the SNI and Ibero-America – Today’s News Puebla | Counterparty | Journalism in Balance |

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

With a keynote speech on the challenges of women in science, the rector of the BUAP closed this event held from November 10 to 12 By sharing with her peers the experiences in her work as a researcher for 40 years, and the challenges that women face in this field, the rector Lilia Cedillo Ramirez … Read more

Closing of Wall Street: -3.1% for the Dow Jones, -5% for the Nasdaq!

( — After a brief technical rebound on Wednesday, in reaction to the slightly less aggressive tone than expected from the Fed, the American market sank into bright red on Thursday, after the announcement of a sharp drop in productivity in the 1st quarter in the United States, which raises fears of a further acceleration … Read more