Rent your property with the Airbnb Concierge

If you’re a regular user of vacation accommodations, you’ll have come across all sorts of things, from wonderful surprises that improve on what was advertised, to unpleasant places that fell far short of what they promised. Avoid the disappointment of your hosts The vacation rental market is very large and the listings do not clearly … Read more

Straslodge: the concierge at the service of the small world of AirBnB rentals

Straslodge the concierge at the service of the small world

In 2018, Strasbourg had 4,700 accommodations rented in AirBnB, according to the AirBnB Observatory – an independent body collecting data to “understand the AirBnBsation of French cities”. That is 12 dwellings per thousand inhabitants on average. While more and more individuals are putting apartments on short-term rental platforms, they are also often faced with logistics … Read more