Patricia Armendáriz defended AMLO after contagion of COVID-19: “The president is very tired”

Patricia Armendariz defended AMLO after contagion of COVID 19 The president

Patricia Armendáriz has shown, on different occasions, her love for AMLO and the 4T (Photo: Special) The new contagion of COVID-19 confirmed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) on January 10 brought surprise on the part of a sector of the population, but also provoked the fury of some people, mostly opposition, who dedicated … Read more

“Contagion”, by Lawrence Wright: latest epidemiological bulletin

1634242218 Contagion by Lawrence Wright latest epidemiological bulletin

In a virus research lab. JARRY S / ANDIA.FR “Contagion” (The End of October), by Lawrence Wright, translated from English (United States) by Laurent Barucq, Recherches-Midi, 474 p., € 22, digital € 14. In literature, there has already been a lot of talk of the “next world”, the one that emerges after a disaster. Or … Read more