¿El pantalón pitillo ha muerto? Cómo un símbolo ‘cool’ se ha convertido, para algunos, en símbolo del mal vestir

El pantalon pitillo ha muerto Como un simbolo ‘cool se

Detalle de una imagen de ‘street style’ del ‘blogger’ de moda Cali Chiki en París en marzo de 2021, con unos pitillos rotos de Asos que actualmente se asocian a algo ya completamente masificado y anticuado en la órbita de las tendencias en favor de los pantalones más flojos.Edward Berthelot (Getty Images) El pantalón pitillo … Read more

Strasbourg: cool and free outings for a memorable back-to-school season

Strasbourg cool and free outings for a memorable back to school season

If we dropped our little schoolbags for a long times, the agenda remains a must until the end of our school career. Whether you’ve just arrived in Strasbourg for your studies or you’re back for a new year, how about we help you fill it with cool and free events concocted just for students? On … Read more

Albert Einstein’s Secret to Happiness Revealed, and It’s Cool

Albert Einsteins Secret to Happiness Revealed and Its Cool

Forget the theory of relativity. When it comes to deciphering the universe, nothing is more mysterious than human beings. Fortunately, German-born physicist and world-renowned genius Albert Einstein left behind his own theory of happiness and love fulfillment, and no, he has nothing to do with physics. After 95 years, an anonymous seller put two notes … Read more