Despite the high cost of living – festive period: what trend for the holidays?

Los otros escritores amenazados por el fundamentalismo

Holidays abroad, stays in hotels, activities at sea or in leisure centres. Despite the high cost of living, linked to inflation, what is the enthusiasm among Mauritians for this festive period? How do they plan to spend their holidays? The point in this file. Strongly impacted by the closing of borders in 2020, hotels, tourist … Read more

This is the cost of the sensual dress that Yalitza Aparicio wore to the Latin Grammy

This is the cost of the sensual dress that Yalitza

Yalitza Aparicio and Becky G presented one of the awards of the night (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images). The red carpet of the Latin Grammy 2022, as is tradition, became part of the show, bringing together not only the protagonists of the music industry that is recognized in that evening, but also other relevant figures … Read more

What is it like and how much does it cost to study at Colegio Williams

What is it like and how much does it cost

Williams College was founded in 1899 (Photo: Williams College) “Colegio Williams: The Best Private School in Mexico” is the phrase with which the institution introduces and has attracted the attention of thousands of parents who, for more than a century, have entrusted the education and safety of their children to the teachers and staff who … Read more

Prince Harry tried to water down his memoirs after the death of Elizabeth II? It could cost him dearly – X Gossip

Movie theater Oscars 2022 a selection focused on initiatory stories

When the Penguin Random House publishing house offered Prince Harry to publish his memoirs for the whopping 40 million euros, Meghan Markle’s husband could not refuse this windfall from heaven. But the death of Elizabeth II puts him in a very uncomfortable position today… Here is Prince Harry in a very delicate situation. The grandson … Read more

What is the cost for Venezuela of Maduro’s role in the negotiation with the ELN?

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

The governor Nicholas Maduro agreed to be guarantor in the negotiation that the Colombian government will initiate with the National Liberation Army (THE N). President Gustavo Petro asked him to assume this role in order to achieve the “total peace” that he promised during his campaign. For the political scientist Enderson Sequera, the “great winner” … Read more

Column by Clarisa Hardy: The fiscal cost of not having a new Constitution – La Tercera

Scuba diving the five wrecks to see once in your

A few days ago, a study was published with estimates of the direct fiscal cost of the proposed Constitution, between 8.9 and 14.2 points of GDP. Three reflections lead to the question of what would be the fiscal cost of not having a new Constitution (NC). The first, to remember that the constitutional reform that … Read more

Digitizing your hotel: how much does it cost? – TendanceHospitality

Digitizing your hotel how much does it cost – TendanceHospitality

The question is on everyone’s lips: how much to invest in the digitalization of your hotel ? And its variations “how much does a PMS cost ?”, “what budget should you plan for Google Hotel Ads ?“, “what takes priority ?”, “do we really need a professional wifi network ?”, are regularly asked by hoteliers. … Read more

“Rien à Foutre”, presented at the FIFM: “Those who don’t give a damn are low cost airlines”

Rien a Foutre presented at the FIFM Those who dont

The directors of the last film with Adèle Exarchopoulos were in Mons to present this feature film which plunges us into the life of an air hostess. The Mons International Film Festival is a spotlight on world cinema. But it is also a showcase for Belgian cinema since it programs five productions or … Read more