Canary: the film by an Outaouais creator on the way to the Oscars

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Launched at the Toronto International Film Festival last September, Canary is the result of an idea that the 3D animator had more than 10 years ago with his colleague, Benoit Therriault, coming from the South Shore of Montreal. This duo, the public knows it without knowing it: colleagues for 15 years, the two have worked … Read more

Converse: Tyler, The Creator Headlines Art and Sound Campaign

Movie theater Oscars 2022 a selection focused on initiatory stories

Considered one of the most ambitious in its history, the popular footwear firm Converse has launched a new campaign focused on unifying and promoting talent from various cities around the world, with rapper Tyler, The Creator, as the musical producer of the artistic capsules that are broadcast on the main social networks and digital platforms … Read more

Lucia Silvestri, creator of Bulgari: “With the film “Inside the Dream”, we want to show the work behind the jewels”

El premio Nobel Adolfo Perez Esquivel muestra sus pinturas

For the first time, a high-jewelry house, Bulgari, agrees to host cameras to tell the incredible story behind its exceptional collections. “Inside the Dream”, screened at the opening of the Toronto Film Festival, is available in more than a hundred countries and on Amazon Prime and Canal +. We met the artistic director of this … Read more

What happened to the life of the creator of Gangnam Style?

What happened to the life of the creator of Gangnam.svg

Exclusive Content The note you are trying to access is exclusively for subscribers subscribe know our plansand enjoy El País without limits. Get into If you are already a subscriber you canSign in with your username and password. Remember the South Korean who danced in a stable with black glasses as if he was riding … Read more

Webb: Images from the deep universe that make you bow your knees to the Creator

Webb Images from the deep universe that make you bow

How not to see in it, in addition to the greatness of Creation, the greatness of the human being, made “in the image and likeness” of the Creator? When Albert Einstein said that “God does not play dice with the universe”, he was not only opposed to the theory of the random beginning of the … Read more

Locomía according to its creator, Xavier Font: “The Grammy they owed me was given to me with the new documentary” – Shangay

Locomia according to its creator Xavier Font The Grammy they

If you don’t know anything about the pop phenomenon Locomía, a great event at the end of the 90s, you can’t miss the new documentary series that Movistar+ premieres. To better understand what it meant locomiaa project full of lights and shadows, we talked to its creator, Xavier Fonta man with a strong personality and … Read more

Creator of children’s dreams: Maria Elena Walsh, the singer-songwriter who did not forget her social commitment

Creator of childrens dreams Maria Elena Walsh the singer songwriter who

Year 1937. Place: a primary school in Ramos Mejía. A little girl born on February 1, 1930, to an English father and a Spanish mother, was in the first grade. She was 7 years old. When the bell rang indicating recess, the girls organized classic children’s games. Invited our protagonist, who was the best student, … Read more

Hellblade 2 will make Hellblade look like an indie game according to its creator

1644338173 Hellblade 2 will make Hellblade look like an indie game

To say that Hellblade 2 is currently one of the most anticipated Xbox games is an understatement. The next production from the Ninja Theory studio showed itself with stunning gameplay last December and is once again being talked about today with an interview with the studio’s co-founder, Tameem Antoniades. Hellblade, first big success for Tameem … Read more

Sex and The City Creator Explains Death Of [SPOILER], Omar Sy nominated for the Golden Globes and the return of Un, Dos, Tres … The news series!

Sex and The City Creator Explains Death Of SPOILER Omar

Un, Dos, Tres, the cult series of the 2000s, will make a comeback on our screens! Broadcast in France from 2004, the series Un, Dos, Tres has established itself as one of the most legendary programs of the decade. For those who have forgotten it, it is the story of twenty young people who enter … Read more

Diario Extra – Guido Sáenz, creator of La Sabana, Melico Salazar and Plaza de la Cultura dies

Diario Extra Guido Saenz creator of La Sabana Melico

Costa Rican culture is sad, after the death of the writer, painter, musician, art critic and former leader of the Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCJ), Guido Sáenz, at the age of 92, almost 93, as his birth was near. He was born in the city of San José, on January 1, 1929. Sáenz was … Read more