From Cristina to Isabel, the most notorious breakups of 2022

Todays ephemeris August 12 2022 What happened on August 12

Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa They have been the protagonists of the last great break in 2022, a year in which there have been well-known separations beyond that of the queen of hearts and the Nobel prize. January opened with some surprising images of Inaki Urdangarin walking hand in hand with a blonde woman … Read more

Human Rights groups in support of Cristina Fernández:

El premio Nobel Adolfo Perez Esquivel muestra sus pinturas

Buenos Aires, Dec 13 (EFE).- Argentine human rights organizations denounced this Tuesday the judicial persecution or ‘lawfare’ that, in their opinion, the vice president, Cristina Fernández, is suffering, convicted “without evidence” for corruption a week ago, fact that, they assured, endangers democracy. “Democracy is at risk in the country, but it is at risk throughout … Read more

For Patricia Bullrich, Cristina Kirchner’s message against Gerardo Milman is “a garbage video”

For Patricia Bullrich Cristina Kirchners message against Gerardo Milman is

ROSARY BEADS.- Patricia Bullrichpresident of Pro, laid the first stone for formally build his presidential candidacy when leading this Thursday in Funes, a neighboring town to Rosario, a “federal meeting” of leaders of Together for Changewhose ultimate goal, according to the former Security Minister, is to polish a electoral strategy and to have by the … Read more

Alberto Fernández takes the attack against Cristina to the UN Assembly

Todays ephemeris August 12 2022 What happened on August 12

Following his meeting with IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva, Alberto Fernandez He will speak this Tuesday for the first time in person before the General Assembly of Nations. The pandemic, in 2020, and the political crisis unleashed in the Frente de Todos after the defeat in the elections, in 2021, forced him to participate then … Read more

The best images of the act in Parque Lezama by Cristina Kirchner

Why the Famine Bill is a Good Deal Joseph

The event organized by the front of all of the City of Buenos Aires in Lezama Park in Support for Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner behind the assassination attempt suffered on September 1 began this Saturday after 4:00 p.m. with the presence of several leaders, officials, and legislators from the ruling party. “The town … Read more

María Cristina Ramos, the internationally renowned writer from Neuquén – Neuquén Informa

Maria Cristina Ramos the internationally renowned writer from Neuquen

He was a finalist for the Hans Christian Andersen Prize, also known as the “Little Nobel Prize.” The Hans Christian Andersen Prize was awarded to the French writer Marie-Aude Murail at the Putrajaya International Book Fair in Malaysia. This event concerns us, since the writer María Cristina Ramos, who has lived, worked and written in … Read more

Todo lo que nos cuestiona el atentado a Cristina: los intelectuales van a fondo

1662160225 Todo lo que nos cuestiona el atentado a Cristina los

Un mural con la cara de Cristina Fernandez horas después de que un hombre tratara de asesinarla. (REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian) Las ideas, las interpretaciones sobre el atentado a Cristina Kirchner y sus consecuencias son muchas. Y muchas veces hablan, sobre todo, de la ideología de quien opina. Los que ya estaban de un lado piensan que … Read more

Attack against Cristina Kirchner: the chronology from the assassination attempt to Alberto Fernández’s speech | Minute by minute

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

The attack on the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner moved the entire Argentine society. It happened this Thursday when the head of the Senate was about to enter her home in Recoleta and greeted the sympathizers who were waiting for her on her return, as it has been for 11 days since she was … Read more

“Put the Argentine flag as a profile picture on your networks”, the viral message in support of Cristina Kirchner

Put the Argentine flag as a profile picture on your

The photo of the Argentine flag, in defense of democracy, won a place in the photo of the profiles of social networks “In defense of democracy. More united than ever. For democracy, for peace. In solidarity with Cristina. Put the Argentine flag as a profile picture on your networks. Starting at 12 noon. see you … Read more

Cristina Kirchner returns to the Senate: follow her live

Cristina Kirchner returns to the Senate follow her live

This Thursday the vice president, Cristina Kirchnercome back to Senate to preside over this afternoon’s session in Congress. Projects will be treatedconsensus”, but due to the tense climate between the ruling party and the opposition, he foresees strong crosses. After the clashes in Recoleta for the vigil that the K militants set up at the … Read more