« Pulp Fiction », une Palme d’or mouvementée sur la Croisette

Pulp Fiction une Palme dor mouvementee sur la.webp

NEWSLETTERS du fun, des news, des bons plans… what else ? Lancée à partir du mardi 17 mai 2022, la 75e édition du Festival de Cannes s’impose comme l’événement cinéma à ne pas manquer. Synonyme de glamour et de paillettes, l’illustre événement est pourtant toujours jalonné de dérapages de stars et de palmarès contestés. Parmi … Read more

La Rochelle cinema festival: these filmmakers who will tumble on the La Croisette in La Rochelle

La Rochelle cinema festival these filmmakers who will tumble on

On the same subject La Rochelle Cinema Festival 2022: our file Interviews, meetings with film specialists, tips, practical information, photos and videos: find here everything you need to know about the 50th edition of the La Rochelle cinema festival (Fema), which takes place from July 1 to 10 Valeria Bruni Tedeschi The actress and director … Read more

South Korean cinema lesson on the Croisette, with the latest Park Chan-wook

CERRO ARMAZONES: The Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), the most powerful optical instrument ever built which will considerably increase the observation capacity of astronomers, is slowly emerging from the ground in northern Chile, one of the best places to look the stars. This new “eye on the sky”, which will be added from 2027 to the … Read more

Cannes Film Festival 2022: welcome to Little Italy in the heart of the Croisette

Cannes Film Festival 2022 welcome to Little Italy in the

On the Croisette, if you come to Cannes for the first time during the Festival, you will be amazed to hear the language of Dante spoken so much. Between the Palais des Festivals and the big hotels, passing by the seafront, you sometimes think, closing your eyes, in Rome or Turin, another transalpine capital of … Read more

A “baby bump” and flashy jumpsuits: the outfits that marked the Croisette

Published on : 05/26/2022 – 12:06Modified : 05/26/2022 – 12:04 Cannes (AFP) – He alone is an essential protagonist of the Cannes Film Festival: the red carpet and its audience of stars who flock there every year. Catch-up lessons for the outfits that marked the 75th edition. color block Colorful stars: on the red carpet, … Read more

Cannes Film Festival: the Japanese Hirokazu Kore-eda for the eighth time on the Croisette with “Broker”

Cannes Film Festival the Japanese Hirokazu Kore eda for the eighth

Once again selected Cannes film festivalHirokazu Kore-eda presents broker, the second film of his career shot outside of Japan. The story takes place in South Korea, where baby boxes – boxes intended to collect anonymously abandoned babies – have been growing since adoption laws have been tightened. The theme of filiation is the director’s favorite … Read more

The whole Croisette is waiting for the “King of rock’n roll”

Here are the twenty-one films in competition for the Palme d’Or at the 75th Cannes Film Festival, five of which are directed by women. Future Crimes by David Croenberg The director of “Crash” (1996) is not used to sparing his audience: at 79, the Canadian should prove it once again, with this film which is … Read more

Sensitive souls abstain: Cronenberg arrives on the Croisette

Sensitive souls abstain Cronenberg arrives on the Croisette

Posted23 May 2022, 07:38 The cult director comes to shake Cannes with “Crimes of the future”, a story of live organ removal. After eight years of absence, David Cronenberg returns to the race for the Palme d’Or, Getty Images via AFP Perfume of sulfur on the Croisette on Monday: a year after the coronation of … Read more

A new Nordic wave is sweeping the Croisette

With three Scandinavian directors vying for the Palme d’Or, a new generation of filmmakers is making its mark on the Cannes scene. After Ingmar Bergman and Lars von Trier, a new generation of Scandinavian filmmakers, sometimes with a double culture, imposes itself on the front of the stage, with no less than three directors in … Read more

Cannes Film Festival: Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway… The stars ignite the Croisette

Cannes Film Festival Julia Roberts Anne Hathaway The stars ignite

CANNES 2022. The stars continue to parade on the red carpet. Relive the best moments of the Cannes Film Festival and discover the program of the day. Photos and live. Summary The essential Cannes Film Festival, day 4! This fourth day on the Croisette highlights the films in the 2022 … Read more