Strong statements by Vladimir Putin: he threatened a total power cut, described a European initiative as ‘stupid’ and mocked Obama’s Nobel Prize

Strong statements by Vladimir Putin he threatened a total power

The Russian president also stated that the goal of the invasion of Ukraine was to protect breakaway regions and end military action against them. An economic forum in a remote Russian city was the setting chosen by Russian President Vladimir Putin to launch some of his strongest statements about the war in Ukraine and the … Read more

Division – Legislative: the city of Puy-en-Velay cut in two

Division Legislative the city of Puy en Velay cut in two

At each legislative election, Haute-Loire is split in two. East of this invisible line drawn from north to south is the first constituency. To the west, on the Brivadois side, the second. Easy. Except when one resides within the city prefecture where the two constituencies divide, even more strongly, the voters.In fact, unless you have … Read more

Carla Bruni, 54 years old: this cut of the perfect dress for her V-shaped body

Because it is among the list of the most prestigious events in the Seventh Art, the Cannes film festival keeps talking about him. Taking up residence in the eponymous town on the Côte d’Azur, this 75th edition is combined with glamour, as usual. With Virginie Efira for mistress of ceremonies, and distinguished guests such as … Read more

Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction: cut scene, failed casting … Samuel L. Jackson throws anecdotes about the Tarantinos

1647882372 Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction cut scene failed casting …

One of Quentin Tarantino’s favorite actors, Samuel L. Jackson, returns with some anecdotes about his debut with the filmmaker. Actor Samuel L. Jackson seems to be getting used to Apple TV+ since after the series The Last Days of Ptolemy Graythe actor will soon return to the SVoD platform with the new film by Matthew … Read more

Apocalypse Now Final Cut (Canal+ Big screen): what is the difference between all the versions of Coppola’s cult film?

Apocalypse Now Final Cut Canal Big screen what is the

Apocalypse Now is a masterpiece and perhaps one of the greatest films in the history of cinema. Since its presentation at the Cannes Film Festival in 1979 (from which it left with the Palme d’Or), Francis Ford Coppola’s feature film has undergone several re-edits and versions. Let’s try to clarify this. In 1979, when Francis … Read more

“You have to cut off her tongue”: Erdogan’s threat to a Turkish pop singer

You have to cut off her tongue Erdogans threat to

Dogan Tiliç Ankara, Jan 24 (EFE).- “No one should raise their tongue against Adam; if someone does, our duty is to cut out their tongue.” With these words, the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, intervened last Friday in the controversy unleashed a week ago by a song by the singer Sezen Aksu, an icon of … Read more

More than 50 Nobel laureates ask for a 2% cut in military spending to be used for the climate crisis

More than 50 Nobel laureates ask for a 2 cut

More than 50 Nobel laureates signed an open letter asking all countries to reduce their military spending by 2% per year for the next five years and put half of the money saved in a United Nations fund to combat pandemics, the climate crisis and situations of extreme poverty. Coordinated by Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli, … Read more

The execution of Muñoz Seca: “To humiliate his figure, they cut off his mustaches”

The execution of Munoz Seca To humiliate his figure they

Three groups were shot before their eyes while awaiting their turn. In one of them, a sailor with his two children, ages 14 and 13. His time has come. He lined up next to an Augustinian priest from El Escorial. The firing squad consisted of fourteen Republicans with rifles and three who were dealing with … Read more

Death Stranding Director’s Cut test on PS5. A work by Hideo Kojima

1637836898 Death Stranding Directors Cut test on PS5 A work by

The test of the game Death Stranding Director’s Cut, published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by Kojima Productions, was carried out on PS5. Published on November 23, 2021 at 11:39 PM. Last modified on November 25, 2021 at 11:21 AM The estimated time for reading this test is 7 min. 0 comment Available for … Read more