Venezuelan Daniela Padrón feels “absolutely winning” at the Latin Grammys

Venezuelan Daniela Padron feels absolutely winning at the Latin Grammys

CARACAS — For the Venezuelan violinist Daniela Padrón, a nomination for the most important Latin music awards, the Latin Grammys, was enough to make her feel “absolutely a winner”. Padrón, 35, became the second woman in Latin Grammy history to be nominated in the Best Instrumental Album category. In addition, this year the category was … Read more

Daniela Darcourt at the Latin Grammys: “Hopefully very soon salsa artists will be able to step on this stage”

Daniela Darcourt at the Latin Grammys Hopefully very soon salsa

Daniela Darcourt at the 2022 Latin Grammy events. Daniela Darcourt he shone in interviews prior to the main ceremony of the Latin Grammys 2022, In Las Vegas. These musical awards are the most important for Spanish-speaking artists and in addition to being a great arena to show their talent in music. The Peruvian did not … Read more

Daniela Padrón, the Venezuelan violinist with two Latin Grammy nominations

Daniela Padron the Venezuelan violinist with two Latin Grammy nominations

The artist recently presented her album Shetogether with the Cuban pianist Glenda del E, as a tribute to Latin female composers Venezuelan violinist Daniela Padrón is 35 years old and began her musical studies at a very young age, making her way in that industry and playing on different stages in Venezuela and the world. … Read more

Tito Nieves praised Daniela Darcourt: “Someday she will win the Grammy for best salsa”

Tito Nieves praised Daniela Darcourt Someday she will win the

Tito Nieves praises Daniela Darcourt in full concert during her international tour. (Instarandula) Daniela Darcourt Y Tito Nieves are on their first international tour called “Finally together”. The artists are touring various cities in the United States to delight their fans with their music and live voice. Let’s remember that both have been protagonists of … Read more

¿Daniela Darcourt se siente “nominada” al Grammy por participar en el álbum de Tony Succar? | ENTREVISTA | Don Tetto | “Duele no tenerte” | Diego Pulecio | Carlos Leongómez | Jaime Valderrama | Jaime Medina | LUCES

1648145631 ¿Daniela Darcourt se siente nominada al Grammy por participar en

Tras años de ausencia, la banda de rock alternativo colombiana Don Tetto vuelve a pisar tierra peruana para ofrecernos un concierto y la promesa de un sonido renovado. Es así que el cuarteto conformado por Diego Pulecio (cantante y guitarrista), Carlos Leongómez (guitarrista), Jaime Valderrama (voz secundaria y bajista) y Jaime Medina (voz y baterista) … Read more

Daniela Darcourt announces quite excited that she will apply for the Latin Grammy

Daniela Darcourt announces quite excited that she will apply for

Daniela Darcourt will seek to win her first Latin Grammy. (Photo: Instagram) She is fully motivated. Daniela Darcourt is 100% focused on her career and even has in mind to win a Latin Grammy this 2022. During an interview with America Todaythe sauce boat revealed that she will soon release her new album with unreleased … Read more