“The Crown”: we chose the best Elizabeth II, the most touching Lady Di, the most disturbing Prince Charles

The Crown we chose the best Elizabeth II the most

The Netflix series has renewed its distribution twice. Who, from Claire Foy to Olivia Coleman, from Matt Smith to Jonathan Pryce, is doing the best? Here are our favorite actresses and actors, in the five main roles of the royal family. Rather than aging them with a lot of make-up, Peter Morgan, creator of The … Read more

Orhan Pamuk presents a disturbing look at the pandemic

NBA – The 2 priority players that the Nets want

Orhan Pamuk (Istanbul, Turkey, 1952): Nobel Prize for Literature 2006, author of the novels Cevdet Bey and sons (1982), the house of silence (1983), the white castle (1985), the black book (1990), The new life (nineteen ninety five), my name is Red (1998), Snow (2002), the museum of innocence (2008), a strange feeling (2014) and … Read more

Why haven’t we heard from aliens? Astrobiologists give disturbing answer with a new theory | D.W. | 05.19.2022

Why havent we heard from aliens Astrobiologists give disturbing answer

Among the many questions that have puzzled scientists for decades, the question of whether we are alone in the universe is certainly one of the ones that most captivates us as a species. And among the many possibilities within this question, there is a particular uncertainty that assails many experts: why has humanity never been … Read more

Iris Knobloch, new president of the Cannes Film Festival: a disturbing profile

Iris Knobloch new president of the Cannes Film Festival a

Influential personality of the film industry, the German was (poorly) elected Wednesday at the head of the Festival. His very “business” career worries a number of professionals initially attached to the artistic dimension of the institution. Decryption. For the first time, the president of the Cannes Film Festival will be a president. Iris Knobloch was … Read more

Only the citizens of Nerva know the disturbing truth of what happens in the landfill – Huelva Good News

1644143069 Only the citizens of Nerva know the disturbing truth of

View of the landfill. José Manuel Alfaro/ Fiction section ‘Muleman’s Notebook’. Since the doors of the largest landfill in southern Europe were opened on July 30, 1998, many things have happened during more than thirty years of life, but nothing more disturbing than what only the citizens of Nerva know. Years in which all kinds … Read more

“Nightmare Alley”: Guillermo del Toro returns to the cinema with a dark and disturbing new film

Nightmare Alley Guillermo del Toro returns to the cinema with

This film noir that captures “the angst of our time” is Guillermo del Toro’s first feature film since winning the Oscars for “The Shape of Water”. Nightmare Alley, Guillermo del Toro’s new film in theaters on Wednesday, is set in the dark and murky world of 1940s monster fairs: a fable about pretense, lies and … Read more

Passengers, jets, vaccines … Behind the varnish of the Cop26, disturbing anti-sobriety behavior

1635576690 Passengers jets vaccines Behind the varnish of the Cop26 disturbing

Russell Cheyne / ReutersAs Cop 26 approaches, which begins on October 31 in Glasgow, more and more voices are raised against an unequal summit that is increasingly costly for its participants (illustrative photo taken on October 27 near the place where the Cop 26 will be held). ENVIRONMENT – Behind the scenes. From this Sunday, … Read more