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The impressive artistic legacy of Diego Verdaguer will live forever in the heart of popular song and, as such, is an essential part of Decaying DNA. WE INVITE YOU TO PRE-SAVE “LA LADRONA” https://orcd.co/thief Opening the most emotional passage of the record trilogy that reveals the influences of his music, The Real Decadents present a … Read more

123 Andrés, the Colombian duet that is nominated for the Anglo Grammys

123 Andres the Colombian duet that is nominated for the

The audience is not easy, the boys and girls are very sincere, if the show bores them or they don’t like it, they don’t hesitate to lie down on the floor to sleep, cry or do anything else. However, Andrés Salguero, a musician from Bogotá, and Christina Sanabria, an American teacher of Colombian parents, manage … Read more