an acerbic description of human behavior (on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD)

Artistic note: (3.5/5) Synopsis After Fashion Week, Carl and Yaya, a couple of models and influencers, are invited on a yacht for a luxury cruise. While the crew takes great care of the vacationers, the captain refuses to leave his cabin as the famous gala dinner approaches. Events take an unexpected turn and the balance … Read more

Top DVD & Blu-ray releases in January 2023 – L’Éclaireur Fnac

Top DVD Blu ray releases in January 2023 LEclaireur

Science fiction, horror film and French cinema are honored in this selection. What a good start to 2023 thanks to these few successes of the past year. Films to see or rediscover to fill up with emotions to share! Everything Everywhere All at Once – Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert Despite a rather limited release … Read more

Decision to leave sets digital, Blu-Ray and DVD release dates – CNET – ApparelGeek

This is how the red carpet of the MTV Video

The 2022 South Korean romantic mystery film, Decision to leave, received critical acclaim, with Gotham and BIFA Award nominations, as well as a nod for Best International Feature Film at the 95th Academy Awards. The film also earned the director Park Chan-wook recognition of the Best Director Award at Cannes. Now, after becoming available to … Read more

a tragicomic masterpiece by Federico Fellini (on Blu-ray and DVD)

a tragicomic masterpiece by Federico Fellini on Blu ray and DVD

Artistic note: (4.5/5) Synopsis Augusto, Roberto and Picasso, three sleazy crooks, roam Italy in search of new victims. Their favorite trick consists in disguising themselves as clergymen to deceive certain overly gullible faithful. But Augusto, the oldest, begins to be tired of this existence. Tired, he feels that the hour of the last swindle is … Read more

The inexorable fall of the DVD format, with fierce competition from streaming

The inexorable fall of the DVD format with fierce competition

At Fnac Paris-Saint-Lazare, in December 2021. MATHILDE MAZARS/REA For the most cynical, this amounts to driving the last nail in the coffin. The video market, already in free fall for the past ten years, crushed by piracy and buffeted more and more each day by fierce competition from streaming platforms, has received very bad news … Read more

an effective and pessimistic political thriller (on Blu-ray and DVD)

an effective and pessimistic political thriller on Blu ray and DVD

Artistic note: (3.5/5) Synopsis Paul Sullivan and his fiancée Ingrid Jessner travel to Belfast to investigate allegations of human rights abuses by British security forces. Paul is murdered under mysterious circumstances and is recorded as an accomplice of the IRA. But Ingrid and the British investigator Paul Kerrigan, question the conclusions of the investigation and … Read more

DVD releases March 2022: César and Oscars specials! (Cinema / DVD) – MaXoE

DVD releases March 2022 Cesar and Oscars specials Cinema

February ended with the Cesar 2022 ceremony, while March will end with the Oscars. Between these two events, all you have to do is discover some of the films that have won or are about to win! Tuesday, March 1 drive my car Implementation : Ryūsuke Hamaguchi Cast: Hidetoshi Nishijima, Masaki Okada, Toko Miura, … … Read more