DVDFr | Kinuyo Tanaka, réalisatrice de l’âge d’or du cinéma japonais – Coffret 6 films : le test complet du Blu-ray

DVDFr Kinuyo Tanaka realisatrice de lage dor du cinema

Tous les films, encore inconnus en France, de la première réalisatrice japonaise, dans une des plus remarquables éditions de l’année. Actrice mythique de l’âge d’or du cinéma japonais, immortalisée à l’écran par Kenji Mizoguchi, Yasujirô Ozu ou Mikio Naruse, Kinuyo Tanaka fut aussi la première femme cinéaste de l’après-guerre au Japon. Elle réalisa six longs … Read more

DVDFr | A Hammer for Witches: The Complete Blu-ray Review

DVDFr A Hammer for Witches The Complete Blu ray Review

The reminder of a terrible witch hunt in Czechoslovakia, at the end of the 17th century, by a filmmaker to discover. Moravia, 1670. For having stolen a host, believing that it was treating her cow which no longer gives milk, an old woman is accused of witchcraft. The lord of the country then summons a … Read more

DVDFr | The Teutonic Knights: The Complete Blu-ray Review

DVDFr The Teutonic Knights The Complete Blu ray Review

The first big-spectacle Polish film, the work of an unfairly misunderstood filmmaker, too absent from our catalogues. To discover ! Poland, early 15th century. Originally a religious order intended to protect pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land, the Teutonic Knights created their own all-powerful state, establishing their commanderies all over Europe. Lord Jurand of Spychów … Read more

DVDFr | Cruel Tales of Bushido: The Complete Blu-ray Review

DVDFr Cruel Tales of Bushido The Complete Blu ray Review

Bushido, imposing a strict submission of samurai to the lords of feudal Japan, may have permeated Japanese culture. Tokyo, early 1960s. Susumu Iikura is called by a hospital: his fiancée Kyoko has attempted suicide. On returning home, he opens the family archives recovered at the death of his mother and rereads the writings of his … Read more

DVDFr | Belfast: the complete Blu-ray review

DVDFr Belfast the complete Blu ray review

The restrained evocation of Kenneth Branagh’s childhood memories, before violence pushed his family to flee to England. Belfast, August 15, 1969. Buddy, 9, knows perfectly well who he is and to what world he belongs, that of the working class of the northern districts of Belfast where he lives happy, pampered and safe; in a … Read more

DVDFr | Le Parfum d’Yvonne: the complete Blu-ray review

1656957049 DVDFr Le Parfum dYvonne the complete Blu ray review

A delicate adaptation by Patrice Leconte of a beautiful novel by Patrick Modiano, unfairly shunned when it was released in theaters. During the summer of 1958, Victor, a young Frenchman, to escape conscription at the time of the Algerian war, took refuge in a boarding house on the shores of Lake Geneva, claiming to be … Read more

DVDFr | Les Grands Ducs: the complete Blu-ray review

DVDFr Les Grands Ducs the complete Blu ray review

A tribute to comedians forced to play utilities rendered by three great actors. A wacky and unbridled comedy by Patrice Leconte. Three old comedians, penniless, shabby and unemployed, are engaged in a mediocre boulevard comedy that goes on tour. The show is set up by a producer in default, determined to sabotage it in order … Read more

DVDFr | Our children’s souls: the complete Blu-ray test

DVDFr Our childrens souls the complete Blu ray test

A childless quadra takes care of his 10-year-old nephew. They hardly know each other, but will learn to discover each other. Moving. A radio journalist, Johnny interviews young people across the country about their vision of the future. A family crisis suddenly turns his life upside down: his sister, to whom he is not very … Read more

DVDFr | The Messenger: The Complete Blu-ray Review

1639560544 DVDFr The Messenger The Complete Blu ray Review

One of Joseph Losey’s masterpieces, Palme d’Or 1971, is, for the first time, offered at the expected level of quality. Leo Colston, 13, of humble origins, was invited by a classmate Marcus Maudsley to spend the summer holidays of 1900 with him at his family’s castle in Norfolk. Leo, captivated by the beauty of Marian, … Read more