Secrets of Avatar’s special effects revealed

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Avatar is a highly successful American science fiction film directed by James Cameron. Released in 2009, this film won Oscars and Golden Globe Awards for its special effects. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the special effects that helped make Avatar an international hit. Character design Avatar’s character design was one of … Read more

They dared: Marvel Studios is campaigning for Thor: Love & Thunder in best film and best special effects at the Oscars 2023 |

A routine habit that will not surprise anyone, but which should nevertheless begin to challenge. Upstream of the pre-selection announcements (or shortlists) for the next Oscars ceremony, all the studios are opening the doors to their campaigns “For Your Consideration“, a form of request for attention from the Academy to include certain productions in the … Read more

Christopher Nolan recreated an atomic explosion without digital effects

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The British-American director made this revelation during an interview published Monday by the magazine Total Moviespecifying that he had recreated in front of his cameras the first test of a nuclear weapon carried out by the United States. Dubbed Trinity, this test took place in July 1945 in New Mexico, and released an energy of … Read more

Nobel Prize highlights the importance of training to face the effects of climate change on health

Photo: Dunia Alvarez Palacios Only through the development of a generation of informed and trained professionals in a variety of fields can society intelligently assess the complexities of the interactions between climate and health, said Ana Rosa Moreno Sánchez, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and professor of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Within the … Read more

Legendary special effects artist Douglas Trumbull is dead

Legendary special effects artist Douglas Trumbull is dead

It is difficult not to think, when evoking Douglas Trumbull, of an artist who thought of his medium at the same time as his subject. He who always had one foot in the future by taking care of some of the greatest science fiction films of the last century has revolutionized the way of approaching … Read more

It’s not true: The ‘flu-like’ effects of 5G waves, the divorced race question of the Holocaust

Its not true The flu like effects of 5G waves the

The world of information is complex, and fake stories and visuals are often widely shared on social media. Blasting News’ editorial staff spot the most popular hoaxes and misleading information each week to help you tell right from wrong. Here are this week’s most shared claims, none of them legitimate. World An image shared on … Read more

Germán G. Creamer: Effects of the monetary contraction in the US | Columnists | Opinion

German G Creamer Effects of the monetary contraction in the

January 10, 2022 – 00h01 The United States Central Bank (Fed) has decided to increase interest rates at a higher rate than expected and simultaneously reduce its portfolio of almost $ 9 trillion of bonds and other financial assets, which has more than doubled since the beginning of the 2020. It is expected that in … Read more

Cinema and series – A native of Clamecy, Maxime Richard designs visual effects for Netflix and Amazon productions

Cinema and series A native of Clamecy Maxime Richard

It’s not the kind of work that gives free rein to improvisation. Recruited in October 2020 by Cinesite studios in London, Maxime Richard, 24, child of Clamecy, has become a real specialist in visual effects for film productions or series visible on Amazon or Netflix. Compared to special effects, visual effects are the processes by … Read more

Reflections on the effects of the pandemic on society

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The Covid-19 has wreaked great havoc on our society from different points of view, in terms of economic, social, cultural, etc. In this fight, many artisans of different human knowledge have lost their lives. I am referring to those professionals in education, health, culture, art, etc. who dedicated their efforts to the welfare of the … Read more

Being born by assisted reproduction has no effects on mental health

Being born by assisted reproduction has no effects on mental

MADRID, December 16 (EUROPA PRESS) – The use of assisted reproductive techniques (ART) does not lead to worse mental health in children during adolescence and youth, according to a large observational study led by researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, published in the journal ‘JAMA Psychiatry’, which has revealed a slightly higher risk of … Read more